Save Water, Energy & Money

Save Dollars by Saving Water and Energy

Water saving tips often save hot water and therefore energy also. If you are a small user of water consider getting a water meter as they will only charge you for the water used and not the standard rate.

Save Water Tips

  • run your dishwasher only when it’s full
  • turn your taps off properly and repair dripping taps
  • store drinking water in the fridge instead of running the tap cold.
  • fit a storm water collection tank. We have one on special, 200 litres for $199 fitted to an adjacent down pipe.
  • connect the storm water collection tank to the toilet cisterns, and washing machine.
  • connect the storm water collection tank to garden hose taps.
  • fit a water saving shower rose and no it does not have to mean it dribbles out, the volume is less but the pressure is the same.
  • make sure the hot water cylinder is not over flowing water.
  • check for leaking piping under the house.
  • run the washing machine on cold. Some times you will need to run it on hot to disolve soap build up.
  • lower your water pressure by fitting a limiting valve.
  • fit water flow controllers to some taps eg basins.
  • make the kids use a timer when in the shower set to 5 minutes.
  • Turn taps off while you shave, and brush your teeth.

Lower your power and gas bill - save moneyElectrical Generation

The tipping point has passed solar panels, which generate power cheaper than power companies and lets not forget any power generated does not incur GST or line charges if you have disconnected from the grid. If you power use is small this is a game changer. We did a Boat shed recently. No more line charges and no more power bills.