Bathroom Renovations Wellington

Bathroom Renovations Wellington

We at Southern Plumbing have experience of more than 30 years. One of our expertise areas is bathroom renovation. We do both small bathroom renovations and big bathroom renovations.

We plan bathroom renovations according to your requirements. Our team visits your bathroom for analysing it. We understand your needs, ideas, and plan.

We are Master Plumbers which means you are covered under the Master Plumbers Guarantee. This provides you with payment protection and covers you against substandard workmanship. We offer bathroom renovation, bathroom redesign, setting an entry level shower, laundry renovation and more. In addition to bathroom renovation, we can offer other trade expertise in tiling, plastering, plumbing, electrical work as well.

Why Hire Southern Plumbing for Bathroom Renovations in Wellington?

  • We are reliable and expert bathroom renovators in Wellington.
  • We tailor to your bathroom needs and requirements.
  • We will provide alternate options if something cannot be accommodated in your bathroom space.
  • We work with you to meet your budget.
  • We take care of everything as we specialise in plumbing and gasfitting. We will also organise the builder, electrician, tiler, painter, and plasterer.
  • We also provide you with Bathroom renovations on a budget option.
  • We only suggest quality products that will save you money and will be long-lasting.
Bathroom Renovations Wellington
Bathroom Improvements

Bathroom Improvements

There are lots of things that we can do to renovate your bathroom. Here is a list of some of them –

  • Change lights to LED.
  • Remove walls dividing old wooden showers. This makes the bathroom a lot bigger and easier to clean.
  • Get rid of old Seratone lined showers and install a round-cornered glass lined shower enclosure. They are the best as there is no water dripping on the floor from the door opening.
  • Upgrade shower mixers to lever action mixers.
  • If there is a low-pressure shower, at least upgrade the cold to high pressure. If you have a high-pressure water heater then both can be upgraded.
  • Change the toilet to a toilet suite. Preferably back to the wall and soft close seat.
  • Wall-hung pans are great. They make small bathrooms bigger and they are easier to clean.
  • Wall-hung vanities are another great option.
  • You can get wall cupboards for extra storage.
  • Windows inside showers – avoid if at all possible. If you cannot get rid of them install acrylic window liners.
  • Larger tiles are better than having small tiles in the bathroom. Cleaning small tiles is a nightmare.

Bathroom Renovation Blog

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