Solar Power Systems & PV Panels

Solar Power Systems & PV Panels

We supply and install solar power panels in grid connected or stand alone systems.

The solar power industry has seen gradual price reductions in the panels. The price of power has continued to rise and the tipping point has crossed over for many. It is a better investment to get power from your own panels rather than the power providing company.

Some typical solar power installations where bigger savings can be made are rural stand alone or beach houses. Buildings where you are not there often but are still paying a line charge. Over a ten year period line charges can mount up to $4000 at today’s prices. Solar Power Systems and PV Panels in Wellington

It is recommended that you need to have a north facing roof and enough area to install the panels. The installation is simple and requires a connection to the fuse board. Any surplus power can be sold back to the supplier in the case of two suppliers at a set rate.

It is best to reduce your power consumption.

We can do a $49.99 electrical energy audit which should save you money and pay for itself in a very short time.

If hot water is something you want to save on but don’t want to spend lots on solar panels or solar water heating, then the a heat pump water heater is an option too.

Most domestic installations are straight forward. We do have some more complex systems that can turn off outlets in the building that are not likely to be required. Eg., TV outlets are usually not required from 1 AM through 6 AM and so the usual standby power is saved.

Back Up Solar Power

These systems are not standard as they require batteries.

We can setup systems to provide backup power in the event of power cut. These systems can switch over automatically in less than a second to provide power from batteries.

Solar Power Systems & PV Panels Going It Alone with Solar Power

For those requiring a standalone system from the grid then batteries are required. For example, rural systems where the cost of running cables to the grid is excessive or too hard. Or if you just want to be independent.

Is Wellington Suitable for PV Panels?

Power is generated from the conversion of Ultra Violet light into electricity. Germany is considered the leader with a higher uptake than most other countries with some days producing half their power using solar panels. Italy is not far behind as well. Wellington is considered to have more Ultra Violet light than most parts of Germany.

What is an Ideal Situation?

If you have a low line charge or daily charge and a high per kW hour charge and we can replace some of that expensive electricity with a PV Solar panel the return will be fairly high. It depends on the power plan that you have. Some Wellington account holders are paying over 50c per kilo Watt.

You have spare cash earning interest at the bank on which you are being taxed. Solar panels have the effect of earning money with no tax. That’s no PAYE and no GST tax.

What is Not Ideal?

A building with a small roof area, a shaded roof, not facing north, a low power rate. You don’t use any power during the day. Your roof is very high off the ground. It is extremely windy or pummeled by the sea.