Emergency Plumber

24 Hour Emergency Plumber Wellington

Got a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night? Our Wellington based emergency plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Wherever you’re located in Wellington, one of our certified plumbers will reach you. Call our Emergency Plumber on 0800 484 353.

Some common plumbing emergencies and causes:

Burst Pipe

Got plastic piping? Or the black Dux qest (quest) piping? Yes Polybutylene fails from time to time and it can result in heavy damage. You can face no water supply for long duration. We are the expert for pipe replacement. If you are thinking of fixing the burst pipe then it is way more difficult than you think, it can even worsen the situation. Call us for an emergency plumber in Wellington 0800 484 353. Check more info on Dux Black Piping Replacement.

We repair other types of pipes too, whether your property has copper pipe, HDPE and PVC water piping, pex pipe, etc. We also replace and repair gas pipes.

No hot water or no gas

Our team of electricians and gas fitters can help in resolving electrical and gasfitting problems. Our electricians can replace an element or thermostat or our gasfitter can service your water heater or in some cases can put an exchange gas hot water unit in quickly depending on the situation.
No hot water is not an an emergency in the strict sense but we realize it is urgent and it is a need. We usually get hot water running within the same day. We run a call out service that may be able to repair the urgent situation depending on parts required.
We keep stock of most likely needed items in our vehicles for emergency purpose. No gas can be an emergency situation depending on circumstance. e.g. the gas pipe is broken. Sometimes a water heater that will not light looks like it has no gas. The pilot injector is possibly blocked or there may be no gas.

Gas leaks

This is definitely an urgent problem and potentially dangerous. Call Southern Plumbing as soon as possible for gas leak emergency.

Precautions to take in gas leak emergency:

  • Do not light any flames or turn off or on any electrical switches.
  • Open windows and doors to ventilate.
  • Locate the gas meter and turn off.
  • The valve is located underneath or to the side. Turn it so that the valve handle is across the pipe at right angles.
  • If the gas cannot be turned off contact us on 04 384 4635 or your gas supplier immediately from a phone well away from the area.

Gas Supplier Contacts are

  • In Wellington that is 0800 484 353
  • In Hutt Valley that is  04 576 8800

Water shut off valve

The water shut off valves – there should be two, one in your property, and one outside the boundary owned by the local authority. Sometimes they are hard to find. Try looking inline with a hose tap on the property. Otherwise you will have to contact the local authority who will locate theirs. They come in their own time unless water is flooding out. If water is flooding out call us we can help till they arrive.

Water leaks

Burst pipe emergency Plumber Wellington
Polybutylene black water pipe leaking in a bathroom wall

Water can do a lot of damage if left long enough. The best action is turn the water off. Find the water shut off valve and turn it off. It switches off clockwise usually. If hot water try the hot water cylinder position. If it does not shut off, try at the supply tank in the roof if you have a supply tank or turn the water off at the boundary shut off. Most properties have their own shut off valve often near the hose tap at the front of the house. Newer houses often have one in the garage. If you cannot turn off the water call the Local Authority tell them you can’t find the valve and water is flooding in. They usually come right away. While you are waiting, open all the cold taps including hose taps and the cold bath tap full. This will de-pressurise the system and minimize the leak.  Call us for water leak emergencies on 0800 484 353.

Gas Shut off Valve

This is under the meter or to the side. Turn so that the handle is at right angles to the valve to shut off.

Blocked Drains and Sewerage Discharge

If you have got no water running inside and sewerage is flowing out continuously at a fast pace, it could be a blocked sewer main and the city council should be called as soon as possible.

If the sewerage only flows out when water is used it is likely a blocked drain. We have industrial water blasters that can sort that in minutes much more reliably that a drain unblocking machine and has a higher success rate than any other method. Call our Emergency Plumber on 0800 484 353 that’s 0800 HUGE LEAK.