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We install home and commercial building heating systems in Wellington. There are many methods of heating homes and buildings in Wellington, gas, electric, solar, solid mass, wood burner, and heat pump.

In Wellington and the lower half of the north island, we have strong winds often and the wind chill factor means we need to keep our homes warm and insulate more than other parts of New Zealand. Many of the older buildings in Wellington  have a timber frame with weatherboard.


Heat or Insulate Your Home

The cost of energy is increasing day by day in New Zealand. Heating or insulating the building better depends on the cost of insulation. It also depends on how long you can stay in the building to get a reasonable payback period. If you live in a building for a short time, then it is not cheaper to insulate it. Wellington-home-heating-system-earthwool-glasswool-wall-ceiling-New-Zealand

These days insulation is required for new buildings. In the past, buildings were not insulated. A typical pre 1980′s house has no insulation in the walls or ceiling.  New Zealand had plenty of wood and then in the 1960’s we had cheap power. Earlier, the power companies were government owned and didn’t have to make a profit. Now the power companies are privately owned and need a profit.

Energy costs increased with the oil change of the 1970′s and the restrictions on building new power generating dams in New Zealand. Energy costs have risen more than what they were. The gas utilities are now owned by the electric companies.

As energy rises dis-proportional to insulation costs, it makes it cheaper to insulate for most buildings. Some buildings are hard to heat. For example, 1900′s houses with no insulation, high stud, sash windows, no building paper, and open fireplaces. Old homes consume a lot of energy. The heating does not long last and it affects the electricity bill in a big way.

What are the home heating options for old home-owners?

1. Put on more layers of clothes.
2. Insulate and achieve warm homes that are cheaper to heat.
3. Pay more for energy.

It is cheaper long-term to retain the heat you have or redistribute it with ducting. For example, taking heat from a sunny room is cheaper than generating the heat in that room. However, for spot heating a bedroom, a radiant electric heater will do as the price of the heater is very cheap compared to other heater types.

Staying Long Term in the Building

We recommend insulating your home. Insulate all walls and ceilings, and double glazed the windows. PVC frames on doors and windows are a good option as well. If your home has aluminium window frames, powder coat them instead of anodizing. Powder coating has a greater effect of insulation than anodizing. PVC is better than powder coating and anodizing. Some aluminium windows can be thermally broken, which means that the outside frame is separated from the inside frame. Thus, no condensation takes place. This is almost as good as PVC frames.

Heating Costs Verses Insulation

  • $500 per month heating cost x 6 months = $3000.00.
  • 3 years x annual heating costs $3000 = $9000.00. This is a lot of insulation and double glazing. There is some heating cost as well.
  • You should easily pay for insulation in 5 or 6 years.
  • And the cost of energy just goes up much faster than inflation.
  • You get a better return on investment on insulating an un-insulated house than money in the bank.


Commercial Buildings Heating System – Large Spaces

Radiant heating is usually the best heating system for commercial spaces domestic and buildings. It also works good for open spaces where there are large areas with roller doors that often open and close. These include warehouses, restaurants, large retails stores, and homes.

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  • Radiant heating is the best if you can get it. It warms the entire place quicker than other heating systems.
  • We recommend that you insulate as much as you can.
  • Close all the small openings in the building that are letting out the heat. Fill all tiny holes that you could find.
  • Window glazing – no single glazing or bare aluminium frames. Use low E glass.
  • Heat only the rooms you need and have thermostats on all heaters.
  • Install large masses such as concrete floors or walls to soak up winter heat and let it out.

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Home and Building Heating System

Electric Heating

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are useful in both winters and summers. The small version heat pumps are designed for a small or single room. Whereas, bigger heat pump units are suitable for open or larger areas. During cooling, heat pumps dehumidify and also in dehumidifying mode.

Heat pumps are quick and comfortable. They are more efficient compared to electric heaters. Most of the heat pumps have washable filter units which can be taken out for a wash.

Heat Pumps - Wellington Home Heating

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are suitable for small rooms or room that need occasional heating such as bedroom. They are portable, which makes them more convenient. Different types of heaters are available including panel electric heaters, radiant heaters, fan heaters, convection and oil column heaters, infrared heaters, electric underfloor heating and more.

Portable Electric Heaters - Wellington Home Heating

Gas Heating

Gas Heating

Gas heaters are available in several sizes. They come as decorative gas fireplace as well as gas space heaters. You can install gas heater anywhere in your home. You can run gas heaters either on LPG or natural gas. It is easy to control heat on gas heater. They are convenient and fast. These gas heaters are also known as indoor gas heaters.

Rinnai Gas heater Wellington Home Heating

Portable LPG Heaters

Portable LPG Heaters are easy to carry around the house. Using a portable LPG heater can be risky and hazardous for your house and health. There is a high risk of fire. Portable LPG heaters don’t have a chimney or any vent thus, their emissions stay within your house. They are more expensive than other heating systems.

Portable LPG Heaters Wellington Plumbers Southern Plumbing

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