Southern’s drainage Wellington experts offer a wide range of drainage services to help homeowners locally. Our team of experienced drainlayers are highly skilled to provide drainage services to help you maintain the proper function of your drainage system. Our local drainage services include drain laying for new buildings, drain cleaning and repairs, drain camera inspection (cctv drain inspections), drain unblocking services, and more.

Blocked Drains Wellington

Blocked drains can cause a lot of damage, not only to the drains but also to the houses. Experts at Southern Plumbing fix blocked drains Wellington wide. We have a fast response unblocking drainage Wellington service. You can call us for other plumbing services in Wellington.Blocked drains are caused by broken drains usually, furthermore tree roots grow into the crack, and then on the inside of the pipe. Sometimes the drain breaks completely and the water discharges underground until the solids build up and eventually block up the drain until it discharges out an entry point.


Drainage Wellington - Drain unblocker, drain leak
Unblock drainage Wellington Southern Plumbing

Drainage Services in Wellington

Drainage services offered by Southern Plumbing in Wellington include:

  • Drain Laying
  • Earth Moving
  • Drain Unblocking
  • Septic Tank Services
  • Effluent Systems & Filters
  • Water blasting / waterblasting
  • Drain CCTV Inspections
  • Drainage Pipe Doctor Repairs
  • 4 & 6 Wheeler & Tip Truck Hire
  • Metal Cartage & Holes Drilled
  • 3.5 – 8.5 T Diggers.

Causes of Blocked Drains Wellington

Majority of blocked drains are caused by broken or cracked drains allowing tree roots to grow inside. This usually blocks the drain. In rare situations, a foreign object goes down to the drain and blocks it. When the object goes inside, it has to pass through the pan U-bend or the gully trap U-bend where the waste pipes discharge.
Food waste
Tree roots
Toilet paper
Plastic bags
Other small objects.

Recently our experts were called to unblock a drain where kids put a motor vehicle oil filter down the gully. Round or cylindrical items are hard to get out and occasionally need the drain opened up to get them out. In this case, we get these out with a water blaster. The water blasters we use are different than the normal water blasters. These are specially designed to unblock drains. If the drain has any faults or snags, they will stop the water flow and back up and shortly after the drain is blocked.

Drain Leaks & Blockages Wellington

Drainage Wellington Unblocking

There are different methods of unblocking drains depending on what is blocking it. For example, sand in stormwater drains will not be removed by using a drain clearing machine. In this case, we use an industrial water blaster. The same applies to roots heavily infested in drains. Industrial water blasters will be more successful than cutting the roots with a machine. In some remote locations and drains, a machine is very useful. Wellington is one of the most difficult locations in the world to unblock drains due to its hilly topography and long back sections far back from the road. Some drains are over 100 years old as well. The drains are often deep underground due to filling deposited on top of them form the flat ground, the drains are hard to locate, and work on due to retaining walls built over the top of them.

In New Zealand, it is not required to bring drain access points to the surface which means we often have to access drains through S bend gully traps making it all the more difficult.

Drain Unblocking Methods

There are three methods of unblocking drains:

  • Hand Rod with plunger or worm or some other attachment
  • Machine Worm or cable with a variety of attachments
  • Industrial Water Blaster.

All the above-mentioned methods of unblocking drains have advantages and disadvantages, however, none will repair a broken drain. It will only remove the blocking objects. They may remove the roots temporarily. But the only sure method of repair is a replacement. Rodding is cheaper than replacement and can keep a drain going for many years. Later even rodding needs a replacement. It is suggested that you replace it at the earliest.

Drain Cameras for CCTV Drain Inspections

Southern provides CCTV camera inspection services in Wellington for all kinds of home drainage problems. We can detect drain blocks and leaks with the help of an inspection camera or a drain camera. Drain cameras give assurance and identify the problem most of the time.

Most drain layers can tell you what the problem is and where it is with a hand rod assuming they can gain access to the drain. Sometimes drain cameras might not see cracks, drain leaks, and broken joints. Drain cameras will see the major damage and assist with the location to save digging in the wrong place.

How are Tree Roots Affecting Your Drainage System?

Often in New Zealand, we grow large trees on our properties and these trees sometimes spread their roots around the drains. Roots might also crack the drain and start growing inside the drain itself. They run down the drain a long way getting larger and larger till the drain blocks. Cutting these roots from inside is a temporary solution. A permanent solution is to cut out the bad section of the drain and replace it. PVC is used in drainage today and does not crack unless it is heavily stressed.

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