200L Emergency Water Tank Special Deal

Offer Price $401.74*

200L Emergency Water Tank Features

An emergency water tank is helpful in any kind of emergency. Whether it’s an earthquake emergency, or there is no water at home. You can use the stored water whenever you need it. The plastic used in the 200L emergency water tank is both Food Contact and Water Potable complaint. The water tank comes with a brass tap and 2 x 15mm BSP threaded fittings for the tap. You can choose either a dark green or birch grey as per your likings.

Food Contact and Water Potable:

Only $199 supplied and installed
UV resistant plastic
Food grade plastic
Dimensions: 650mm wide, 1200mm high
Colours: Forest Green and Birch Grey
Seismically strapped for your safety.

* You need to provide a flat surface, within 500mm of a downpipe.

If you are unsure of the location, send us a photo at info@southernplumbing.co.nz.

We can make the surface flat, provide a paver or extend a downpipe at an additional cost.

Emergency water tank wellington