Master Plumbers Guarantee Wellington

Master Plumbers Guarantee

Master Plumbers Wellington Drainage Roofing Electrician

Formed in 1901, The Master Plumbers is a national membership organisation which protects and represents the plumbing, gasfitting, and drainlaying industry. The Master Plumbers Guarantee is for domestic buildings it protects Master Plumber Member clients from bad workmanship or the business not completing the work. If you use a member of the Master Plumbers your work is guaranteed. Contact us in the first instance.

What does the Guarantee mean?

The Guarantee covers the workmanship of your home for 12 months. It protects you from substandard work and losing any advance payment if the company you hire goes into liquidation and/or bankruptcy. This guarantee ensures that if any deposit is paid for work to be completed and the company was no longer in business, you should be able to get redress from the Master Plumbers Guarantee.

Before claiming the guarantee, it is mandatory to contact the member firm first. Southern has been around for around 40 years and we stand by the work we do. Call us anytime if your not happy about anything.

Does your plumber have an external guarantor. It does not cost any more to use a master plumber and its always good to have someone independent to discuss things if you think your not getting what you want.

Master Plumbers Guarantee Wellington

We are members of the Master Plumbers and each year have to submit a report of our compliance of their standards for safety and insurance to protect our customers.

We also have to have a proper complaints procedure in place and ensure all our service personnel have up to date licenses. They check to see we have access to the current plumbing standards on hand. We have plumbing standards on our cell phones now for most of them. Our plumbers regularly read the plumbers journal, which is a publication containing the latest information for our industry.

Southern Plumbing is a member of the Master Plumbers in Wellington.

The Master Plumbers has a professional development program, we attend their courses and meetings to learn the latest developments and regulations.

The Master plumbers ensures we have all the right insurances and health and safety processes in place. They check we have the correct licenses and supervision policies and processes are being followed.

We have experience of more than 40 years, we have completed more than 67,000 jobs across Wellington in the last 40 years. Our team provides quality service in all areas of plumbing, drainlaying, gasfitting, and roofing. We have been member of the Master Plumbers Wellington since more than 37 years.

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