About Us

About us


The company started in 1982 as Brennan Plumbing and later changed its name to Southern Plumbing & Gasfitting Ltd.
In our early days, we trained apprentices as there were very few skilled plumbers available in Wellington. Since then we have trained dozens of apprentices.
Our experience of more than 30 years in the plumbing industry makes us more trustworthy and reliable company. We offer quality services for all small and big jobs.

Current Company

Although the company started in the contracting sector of the industry, we now concentrate only on the service area. This involves working on various job types and at various locations.
We offer roofing, gas fitting, plumbing, drainage and electrical services. We offer all our services across Wellington. We respond to emergency calls outs instantly.
The company has expanded to building maintenance areas as well including eco plumbing, carpentry, painting, decoration and more.
Training the team is a large part of the day to day activities at Southern Plumbing. We believe that personal and professional growth in the Plumbing industry is very important.

Serving Since 1982
Certified Master Plumber
24/7 Emergency Service
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Vision 96%
Plan 86%
Growth 76%

Master Plumbers

We have been members of the Master Plumber Organization for 25+ years and choose to continue to be a part of the Master Plumber community because we uphold similar values as the Master Plumbers, such as producing a high quality of work.

Should our firm not be able to meet its legal obligations to rectify its work, the work is also covered by the Master Plumbers Guarantee but call us first.
View our testimonials here.

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Your Job On Time or it’s Free

Why this guarantee?

Southern Plumbing pioneered this guarantee as a unique proposition as we believe that time is precious, not only our time, but our customer’s time as well.

Our expert team strives to deliver services on given time. Our customer base speaks about our work, expertise and reliability. You can rely on us for all kinds of jobs. Even during odd emergency hours, you can call us and we will be happy to help.

Your Job on Time or it's Free

Emergency Call Out 24/7

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