Heat Pump Water Heater Installation and Maintainence

Heat water efficiently with hot water heat pumps in Wellington. Heat pump water heaters (HPWHs) are better than any standard gas cylinder or an electric water heater. A heat pump water heater is usually installed outside the house and can absorb energy from the outdoor air. This helps in heating water, which can be stored in an insulated cylinder.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and energy-efficient method to heat water, then you can switch to a hot water heat pump. There are different kinds of hot water heat pumps available in the market. You can decide one that fits your needs and budget. Our team at Southern can recommend them to you as well. Getting a hot water heat pump is an investment into your property, life and environment.

Are heat pump water heaters sustainable?

As mentioned by Mitsubishi, water heating is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in an average Kiwi home. According to the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA), heat pump water heaters can help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and expenses on energy consumption.

Heat pump water heaters are eco-friendly and will help you reduce the carbon footprints of water heating. It is one of the most sustainable methods of heating water. A traditional electric hot water heat pump generates three times more greenhouse gases compared to a heat pump water heater. You can switch to heat pump water heater to save energy, environment as well as money.

There are heat pump water heaters that have low global warming potential (GWP), and zero ozone depleting potential (ODP). This is helpful in minimising the climate impact.

Hot Water Heat Pump Wellington Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan

Benefits of using heat pump water heaters

A good source for energy savings

Less energy consumption

Can work where solar water heaters can’t

Use night-rate electrical plans efficiently

Hot Water Heat Pump Wellington Installation

Heat Pump Water Heaters - Alternative to Solar water heating

Heat pump water heaters are a good alternative to solar water heating. The energy efficiency of heat pump water heaters is really good, which makes them suitable for places where you can’t use or install solar water heating.

Heat pump water heaters are good for you if you are looking at saving money and energy. With a heat pump water heater, you can get similar output that would get from a solar heating system. If you live in a place where there is not enough sunlight to charge the solar panels, then you can think of getting a heat pump water heater installed on your property in Wellington.

Our professional heat pump water heater Wellington installers can replace your solar water heating system with the heat pump water heater, just give us a call on 0800 484 353 and discuss your options to switch to a heat pump water heater in Wellington.

External Heat Pump Water Cylinders

External heat pump water cylinders can often be installed both inside and outside. External heat pump water cylinders are often installed in the garage and have ducting inside the roof apex. It captures the waste heat generated in the ceiling. This improves its heating efficiency. They cannot be installed in cupboards inside without the ducting.

Parex manufactures a heat pump tank called EcoSpring. It comes in 190 and 300-litre models. It is one of the most efficient water heaters in the market including gas tank. It uses about 1kW of electricity for 3 kW input into the water. With electricity at 23 cents per kW, the real cost is about a 1/3 of that, which is about the cost of gas.

EcoSpring Hot Water Heat Pumps by heat pump water heater Wellington Southern
Apricus All in One R290 heat pump Wellington

New Generation Heat Pumps - Apricus Heat Pump

Get Apricus All in One R290 heat pump installed in your Wellington property. Apricus All in One R290 heat pump is one of the cost-effective heat pumps available in the market. It has dual heating technology that can provide hot water up to 70°c. It also has a smart touch screen controller which helps in changing heating requirements easy. You can also check important operational data and more using their Hot Water Hub app. Download the specifications guide for Apricus All in One R290 heat pump here.


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