Roof Moss Treatment and Moss Removal

Wellington roof moss treatment specialists

If you see moss or mould on your roof, then it is time to call our professional roof moss cleaners. Most people don’t know the damage moss can do to your roof. With the caustic nature of moss, your roof tiles can degrade faster, which means a low lifespan of the roof tiles compared to their usual lifespan.

You can call our team of professional roof moss treatment to assess the problems or damage your roof may have, which you can’t see, but our experts can point out. Most of the time our clients tell us they were told to get their roofs replaced. If the problem can be fixed with roof moss removal or treatment, then we recommend you to go with roof moss treatment or removal services.

To save your roof from serious damages and problems, you should get your roof cleaned at least once a year. This will help in improving your roof’s health as well as increase its lifespan. Our roof experts can assess your roof and offer you the best roof treatment services.

Roof Moss Treatment and Moss Removal Wellington

What is Moss?

Moss is a small non-vascular flowerless plant. This means that moss lacks vascular tissues. You can see them form a mat or clump which is mostly dense green. Moss grows in shady locations or damp locations. Mosses have rhizoids which are small hair-like appendage that help moss anchor and absorb water. This results in moss growing on flat surfaces.

Moss can grow in places where other plants cannot, such as fallen logs, rocks, poor soil or no soil areas, etc.

Roof Washing VS Roof Treatment

Roof washing is different from roof treatment. With roof treatment, you can get your roof cleaned, and treated properly with the required solutions to protect the roof from damage caused by moss and other factors. Roof treatment may take up to 3-4 months. This roof treatment kills mould and moss. After the treatment, moss and mould will be washed away naturally by the rain and wind. Roof treatment is better than roof wash because roof wash is harsh on your roof. Roof wash can only clean the moss away, it cannot treat and stop the moss from growing again and again on your roof.

When moss turns pale yellow or white, it means that it is dying. You can see this after the roof moss treatment as well. It means that the treatment is working.

Looking for roof moss treatment specialists in Wellington? Then call us now at 0800 484 353. We offer professional roof moss removal services across Wellington. Whether you are based in Porirua, Tawa, Whitby, Johnsonville, or Upper Hutt, we offer our roof moss treatment services to all suburbs in Wellington.