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Gas Fitting Wellington Services

We can assist with all your gas fitting needs, no matter how big or small the job is. Our local Wellington gas fitters provide a fast service, quality workmanship combined with quality parts and products is what makes us great.

Our Gas fitters are certified and experienced. We undertake all kinds of gas jobs service calls or installations, commercial or domestic. We are expert in installing and repairing gas appliances and fittings.

We offer a quick response for all gas-related services such as gas appliance installation, gas appliance repair, gas hot water installation, gas hot water upgrades, commercial gas installation and more.

We can also help with gas fitting repairs and maintenance, as well as residential gas appliances like ovens, gas heating & cooking, BBQ’s and more.

Gas Cooking

Gas Cookers and Ovens

We install and replace freestanding gas, cookers, and ovens. We install commercial and domestic products as well such as gas deep fryers, barbecues, grillers, salamanders, gas ovens, and hot plates. We also convert gas cooking stove to LPG or Natural Gas. We eliminate gas daily charges by installing gas bottles using LPG, or where no Natural gas is available. Gas Appliance Servicing Check List

Gas cooker installations have clearances to combustible materials. E.g. 200mm to the combustible surface from the edge of the burner and 600mm to a range hood from the burner. Check that the oven has a large enough cable before buying.

Gas Heating

Gas Heaters and Flame Effect Fires

We supply and install gas fires and flame effect fires, panel heaters and wall furnaces. A popular gas heater is the Rinnai Energy Saver series for fast, efficient and low cost heating spaces in Wellington.

Rinnai Energy Saver

Gas Central Heating

Ducted Gas Central Heating

We undertake central heating repairs, replacements, and new installations. We can take out your old gas central heating unit and replace ducting with more efficient ducting for less heat loss. New furnaces are more efficient and have lower running costs.

A typical central heating installation requires a new gas line. This gas line can be installed under the building, house or gas meter. A return air duct returns to the hallway and new ducting is taken from the central heating furnace to the new outlets. We also install a thermostat in the hall and connect it to the furnace.

Gas furnaces can use a number of fuels such as LPG and diesel. Although generally they are supplied with natural gas as it is a cheaper fuel.

Buildings with central heating should be insulated in the ceiling particularly. Insulation can also be done in walls and under the floor. Windows should be double glazed.

cozy home gas central heating Wellington - gas fitters

Gas Water Heating

Gas Fitters Wellington

We have gas fitters Wellington wide. See below for information on different types of appliances.

Gas Water Heating in Wellington

We offer different gas water heating solutions in Wellington. Gas water heating services include gas water heater installation, gas water heating upgrade, gas water heating maintenance, gas continuous flow, gas hot water cylinder and more.

Gas Installation Check list

  • Gas supply to the house
  • Pipe large enough to water heater position
  • The position of water heater is clear of combustibles
  • Position meets manufacturers position requirements
  • The flue will be in the right place and can exit ok
  • Power supply needed
  • The power supply is RCD protected

We install and service gas water heating Wellington wide. There are different types of gas water heating such as continuous flow water heating, and storage gas water heating. Continuous flow water heating is more popular as it has the advantage of not running out, the heater is small and you only heat what you need.

Continuous Flow Gas Water Heating

Continuous Flow Gas Water Heating Gas Water Heater Location

Continuous flow gas water heaters can be installed outside. Although we recommend installing it near the kitchen sink if possible, this reduces the loss of hot water.

Internal units can also be used and are often installed in ceiling spaces with a flue extending through the roof. The reason fewer internal units are installed is due to the higher cost of the flue.

Continuous flow units are of two types. One is plugged into the wall and the other generates its own power to operate the ignition.

Continuous flow units have outputs measured in liters per minute or hour often at shower temperature.

Storage Gas Water Heating

Storage Gas Water Heaters

Storage gas water heaters are are becoming less common. The loss rate of hot water in storage gas water heaters is 3 times faster than electric water heaters. They are mostly replaced by continuous flow gas water heaters. We install a wide range of hot water cylinders Wellington wide.

Dual Purpose Hot Water and Heating

Combi Gas Water Heaters

Dual hot water systems are more popular in Europe, they install these water heaters inside as there is a freezing risk. They are similar to continuous water heaters but they also heat water for space heating which is sent to radiators in each room. The trend is increasing in NZ as people realise the advantages of radiator heating.

Gas Hot Water Wellington

Continuous Flow Gas Water Heaters

Continuous flow gas water heaters are becoming a trend in New Zealand. These gas water heater systems occupy less space and store more hot water. The new continuous flow gas water heaters are mounted on the outside wall. Internal continuous flow are more expensive to mount inside due to the flue cost. Changing the gas system involves taking out an electric storage tank inside and fitting a gas continuous flow unit outside. A check is needed to determine if sufficient gas pressure is available from the gas supplier.

Continuous Flow Gas Water Heater Installation Requirements

There should be enough gas supply for energy to reach the unit. It cannot be taken from a pipe less than 20mm in diameter. More than 9m of 20mm pipe cannot be installed. After that, the rest of the pipe must be 25mm. This is because the water heaters need a lot of energy to heat 20-26 liters of water in one minute.

The Continuous flow units can only be installed in certain positions:

  • 300mm away from internal and external corners
  • 300mm away from an opening windows
  • 1.5m below and opening window
  • 500mm away from electrical meter boxes vent openings.

Gas installation is done by our certified gas fitter, and a registered electrician.

The Old Mechanical units

Many people are familiar with the old mechanical units which deliver a lot less hot water and used to suffer from a pilot outage – this is no longer a problem with the new units. The old mechanical gas units used to deliver 10-13 liters per minute. The new units deliver 20-32 liters per minute of shower temperature water.

The older units have improved considerably in recent times and are now able to generate their own electricity for ignition purposes. That means no pilot to go out and no batteries either.

Benefits of Gas Hot Water

  • Endless showers in the case of continuous flow water heaters
  • Smaller size of gas heaters over electric or gas storage tanks
  • Improves the value of buildings
  • Better for the environment (how is that?) Electric water heaters use electricity generated using gas which is inefficient.
  • Better shower flow than low pressure hot water heaters.
  • more advantages here.

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