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Indoor condensation in the bathroom can result in excessive mould growth. Discharged moisture can be soaked into walls, ceiling and floor. This leads to fungal growth. Excessive humidity can cause both mould growth and deteriorate the health of the house.

When it comes to efficient ventilation in homes, extractor fans play a crucial role in maintaining a fresh and comfortable living environment. Whether you need a new extractor fan installation or your existing one requires repair, it is essential to rely on experienced technicians who specialise in handling extractor fans, particularly bathroom extractor fans. These skilled professionals possess the expertise and knowledge to tackle any extractor fan issue, ensuring optimal airflow and ventilation within your living spaces. By entrusting the task to qualified individuals, you can rest assured that your extractor fans will be in safe and capable hands, promoting a healthier and more pleasant living environment for you and your family.

The moisture can build up in the bathroom and cause major damage to the walls, floor and the ceiling. Whenever you take a hot shower or bath, a high level of humidity and moisture is produced. Old homes are more prone to moisture generation than the newly constructed houses. Moisture can also result in the paint peeling off, wallpaper falling out, rusted fixtures and warped doors.

Bathroom exhaust fan extract Wellington New Zealand

Most homeowners use exhaust fans in the bathroom for odour control. Sometimes they don’t know that an exhaust fan in the bathroom can help in reducing moisture. Having an exhaust fan in the bathroom can also add value to your house. An extract fan will help in increasing the health of the bathroom and decrease damage to it.

There are various bathroom vent fans that you can choose from like Manrose Extraction Fans, Weiss Inline Extractor Fan, and more.

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There are no performance requirements for extract fans or exhaust fans installed before 1 July 2019. If the exhaust fans installed before 1 July 2019, they do not need to meet any performance requirements. It is however important that they meet ventilation standard. The extract fans must be in good working condition and they should ventilate extracted air outside.

Our expert plumbers and electricians can recommend the best exhaust fan for your bathroom. We consider different factors before deciding the place, type of bathroom exhaust fan and the outlet for it. A cheap exhaust fan can result in a long term expense, so it is recommended to buy a good quality exhaust fan.

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Bathroom Extraction Fan

Bathroom extraction fans are required for better ventilation. Condensation in a bathroom is very common, it is easy for mould to grow in the bathroom. A bathroom extraction fan will help in reducing the moisture in the air and increase the clean air levels. It also helps in eliminating odour as well as fumes.


Ventilation requirements for bathroom extractor fans according to Healthy Homes Standards are:

Installed AFTER 1 July 2019: The fan and all exhaust ducting must either have a diameter of at least 120mm OR the fan and all exhaust ducting must have an exhaust capacity of at least 25 litres per second. The fan must vent extracted air to outdoors. Continuously operating extractor fans that operate at a level of extraction below 25 litres per second, or do not have a fan and ducting diameter of at least 120mm, are not capable of providing the necessary level of moisture extraction during
a shower.

Installed BEFORE 1 July 2019: No minimum size or performance requirements but fans must be in a good working order and ventilate to outdoors. This means that the extractor fan must not vent extracted air into a roof space or other space. Any ducting must be connected, intact (i.e. without tears or holes) and installed so that exhaust air can flow freely through it (e.g. no unnecessary kinks or compressions). Any grills or filters must be unclogged.

You can browse the Healthy Homes Standard Venitlation guide here.

Mechanical ventilation standard for kitchens and bathrooms

(1) Each kitchen and bathroom in the premises must have installed in it—
(a) an extractor fan; or
(b) qualifying ventilation.

(2) For a kitchen that has an extractor fan,—
(a) the fan and all exhaust ducting must have a diameter of at least 150 mm; or
(b) the fan and all exhaust ducting must have an exhaust capacity of at least 50 ℓ/s.

(3)For a bathroom that has an extractor fan,—
(a) the fan and all exhaust ducting must have a diameter of at least 120 mm; or
(b) the fan and all exhaust ducting must have an exhaust capacity of at least 25 ℓ/s.