EcoPlumber Wellington

EcoPlumbers Wellington

Looking for an ecoplumber in your local area in Wellington? We are a Wellington-based environment-friendly ecoplumbing company. We offer a wide range of ecoplumbing services that are eco-friendly. Some of these are solar water heating, using stormwater for your water supply, heat pump water heating, recycling of laundry water or greywater harvesting, and more.

Heat pump water heating

  • An EcoPlumber can install a heat pump out side your building and connect it to the existing plumbing for heating water.
  • Solar water heating.

Waste water recycling

  • Store shower and washing machine water for irrigation.

Rain Water Harvesting

  • Collect rainwater to water plants or flush toilets. Install rainwater storage tanks collect rainwater from the roof, and discharge the rainwater into your garden in the dry months. We can also pipe the water into your washing machine and toilet cistern. There can be cost benefits in undertaking this instead of running expensive stormwater drains to the street. Rainwater harvesting is reliable and a good option for all emergencies. Whether we have an earthquake or any other natural disaster, you can use the emergency water from your storage tank.
  • We install a wide range of water tanks, including the same tanks that the Wellington City Council promotes, where you pick up from them and install yourself. We offer to pick up the tank for you, as you may not get the tank into your car, and we install it next to a downpipe on level ground. Our Wellington ecoplumber can install it further away for an additional cost.
  • We offer a special deal for emergency storage tanks at $401.74 to supply and install next to a downpipe on level ground. Call Now on 0800 484 353.

Low Cost Rain Water Harvesting

Due to Wellington’s topography, running long stormwater drains, and or installing soak pits, or soakage systems can be costly. You can install a rainwater harvesting tank to store the stormwater. You can use stormwater later even for garden irrigation. This is cheaper depending on the situation. You can use this water for toilet systems to flush toilets or wash cars can be cheaper than running drains.

Below are our standard 200 litre storage tanks installed in Wellington:


Tank installed, has a hose tap which can be installed in two places

ecotank installation in wellington connected to downpipe from spouting

How it works. It filters out leaves and fills the tank to its inlet. We can fit a 1st flush which is an extra cost to a standard install.

ECO Hot Water Heating

There are many ways to heat hot water. You can heat water using gas, coal, electric and solar energy. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Heat pumps are electrically driven, but the heat comes from the surrounding air. Due to this process, only a small amount of electricity is used to heat the water. The running cost of these is usually lower than gas. Our Wellington electricians can check your hot water tank and advise on whether it’s time to replace the element or the thermostat. The old tanks have poor insulation compared to the new models. This increased insulation leads to lower running costs.

Energy Reporting Save on energy costs

  • Find out what you can do to save on energy costs.
  • Hot water conservation – Fitting a low-flow shower rose can cut energy bills considerably. Showers use around a third of the energy in your home. Inefficient shower roses can be expensive. You don’t have to discharge a lot of hot water to have a good shower.
  • Leak detection – Hot water leaks can cost a lot of money.
  • Heat transfer systems – Transferring heat to other rooms. Transferring heat to another part of the building is a lot cheaper than creating it.
  • Radiant heating is usually a lot more effective than convection heating.
  • Convection heating examples are oil heaters and electric fan heaters. These devices need to heat enormous volumes of room air to be effective before you feel the heat. With radiant heaters, you feel the heat almost immediately.
  • Ecoplumber Consulting – We inspect buildings and undertake to report on energy conservation and water-saving New Zealand wide.
  • Our Eco plumber can minimise your energy footprint.