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Roof Repairs Wellington Re-Roofing Services

Local Roof Repairs Wellington

We offer roof repairs for both residential and commercial properties. Having a good roof is important as it is necessary to keep water, storm, and other natural elements out of the building. The condition of the roof is usually checked when you sell your house.

Leaking roofs can do a lot of damage, particularly if left to leak for a long time. Small leaks can go unnoticed for a long time. If the building has timber construction purlins and joists can start to rot.

Our installers all have a license to do a range of common roofing materials including tiles, long-run iron, pressed tiles. We have carried out over 29,000 jobs in almost 40 years. Our continued success reflects our dedication and workmanship for all leaking roof repairs in Wellington.

High Roofs and Hard to Access Roof Areas

We use rope access techniques to access hard to get to areas and high-level roofing. Working at heights requires supervision and protection.

Some areas will need scaffolding where extensive repairs are needed. Scaffolding is the most common way to have a safe work platform for working at heights. In New Zealand, scaffolds must comply with Scaffolding, Access & Rigging New Zealand (SARNZ) guidelines. Trained people must erect and dismantle scaffolds.

Call for roof repairs Wellington now on 0800 484 353, we have a team in your area for roof repairs, roof leak detection, and other roofing services in Wellington.

We replace all kinds of tiles and long-run iron, including pressed metal tiles and terracotta tiles and concrete tiles.

Save money with re-roofing!

Our team of Wellington roof repair professionals can assess your roof and offer you solutions which will be pocket-friendly for you. Sometimes based on the damage your roof has, we can suggest you re-roof a small sections of the roof, or repair roof leak. We can help in extending your roof’s lifespan by adding small repairs or replacements where needed. With our roofing services you can get your roof inspections to keep a check on your roof’s health and your home’s health.

Roof Leak Repairs Wellington | Re-roofing Wellington

We offer roof repairs in Wellington and Hutt Valley. Our roofing services include but are not limited to roof leak repairs, re-roofing, roof restoration, and more. Our roofer Wellington is fully trained and accredited to do all kinds of roofing jobs in Wellington.

Detecting Roof Leak Location

Finding roof leaks can be difficult and requires a lot of experience and a methodical approach. Our team of expert roofers in Wellington offers the best roof leak repair services for all kinds of roofing jobs in Wellington. Where you see the water coming inside is not where it is getting in on the outside. Our roof leak detection process involves:

  • Undertaking a safety inspection.
  • Determining a safe method of accessing the roof.
  • Inspecting the roof visually and identifying the obvious.
  • Water testing the roof.
  • Removing or repairing damaged parts of the roof.
  • Replacing roof nails with roofing screws.
  • Removing rusted parts or tiles.

Call us today for all your rainy day emergencies before the next rainfall ruins your day. Our professional roofers can come at your home and detect and offer emergency roof leak fix across Wellington, Kapiti Coast, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, and other suburbs.

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Hard to Find Roof Leaks | Roofer Wellington

Roof leaks can be difficult to locate. To locate the roof leak, sometimes roofers may need to remove the sheets. Visiting the roof area when it is raining may also help in finding the leak. A test with a hose may also help in some cases. Although, a hose cannot deliver as much water as the rain. In any event, a trial and error approach is used to find the roof leak. We start with a roof inspection and price repairs from there. In some cases, the leak is coming from far up the roof and is between the roof, and the building paper running out in a completely different location.

The leak can be in a completely different place from where it is coming through the ceiling. Small repairs may be a false economy. It is better to get something for your money than lose it all on a repair that does not work long term. Putting a block of silicon on a rust spot is rarely successful. It can result in making the problem worse. Silicon will not stick to rust, nor can it be applied over a crack for long-term results. The building code in New Zealand requires the repair to last at least 15 years.

Call our roofers for any kind of roof leak in Wellington on 0800 HUGE LEAK – 0800 484 353.

Roof replacement Wellington Re-roofing

Our team of experts has been providing quality roof repairs Wellington services for more than 40 years. We provide free estimates and guarantee our workmanship. Call our experts for roofing repairs Wellington today! For all your Wellington roof repairs, get in touch with one of our roofing experts. We offer roof repair services across Wellington for all new build and old build homes. Contact us today for all roofs including Concrete and Pressed Metal Tiles, Iron, Faded Colour Steel and Asbestos.

Roof Repairs Wellington Services

Roof Leaks Repair, Roof Replacement Wellington | Re-roofing Wellington

It is easy to find a roof leak sometimes and hard the other times. Detecting a roof leak location can be tricky. Our expert Wellington roofers are skilled and experienced. They can detect roof leaks after a careful roof inspection and sometimes a water test. We provide roof repairs for all roof types, no matter what kind of roof your house has.

Our professional roofers know how strong wind and rain in Wellington are. We recommend the fix based on the evaluation of the roof and roof leak type. There are high chances that we can offer roof leak repair instead of replacing the roof completely.

We can detect roof leak locations by water testing the roof and checking to see whether the water is coming inside the roof. Roof leaks are not always visible from above. To help locate roof leaks, sheets are often removed to see water trails. Sometimes, it is quicker to replace the roof than locate the leak. Call our team for emergency roof leak fix Wellington services today.

Roof replacement repair in Wellington

With roof replacement, it is important to get the gradient right. Corrugated iron roofing has a small pitch of 8 degrees and 10 degrees if it is in short sheets. Other materials can go down to 3 degrees pitch, which is 50 mm per meter rise. When the roof does not have this pitch, they need to raise the pitch to meet supplier installation instructions and comply with the building code. Guarantees will not apply if the roof is not raised. Suppliers also insist on the owner washing iron roofing to meet warranty conditions.

Garage and Carport Roofing Replacement

Garage and carport cladding and replacement are some of our specialties. We can also repair any carport structural components and timber work.

Roof Profiles

There are several roofing profiles. Some roof profiles are expensive. There are alternatives to expensive profiles. You can use them without losing efficiency or longevity. Roof profiles include corrugated iron, trapezoidal roof profile, tray deck roofing, pressed tile profile, and concrete and clay tiles.


We also install new roofs for residential and commercial properties in Wellington. Our expert roofers can help with all aspects of roof installation for your new home or business. We can recommend roof profiles, roofing materials and colour choices for your new roof.

Re-Roofing and Roof Repair Expertise throughout Wellington

Re-roofing is a cost efficient alternative to roof replacement. In some cases, re-roofing is a better option than replacing the roof. We evaluate your building thoroughly and then recommend the most suitable method.

Chimney Removal Wellington

Old chimneys and fireplaces are dangerous in all weathers. We offer removing chimney throughout Wellington. We can remove chimney and reinstate roof as well. We also offer chimney maintenance services.

It is recommended that you get chimney removed to meet new regulations by the government. Chimneys are prone to collapse and cause more damage in times of natural disasters such as earthquake. You can contact us for getting your chimney evaluated for any risks it may have. Depending on the health of the chimney, we can suggest chimney strengthening or chimney removal service.

Types of Spouting & Guttering in Wellington

Spouting replacement, installing new spouting system or gutter system can be done by in Wellington. Our expert roofers advise the best layout for spouting and guttering. We offer spouting maintenance, gutter cleaning, leaking gutter fix, gutter protection, gutter replacement and more services.


We offer scaffolding services for all roofing jobs. Safety of the team as well as your security and your home’s security is our priority. With the help of scaffolding we can reach greater heights without any risk.

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