Hot Water Cylinder Installations Wellington

A reliable hot water cylinder is essential for your domestic or commercial property. Installing electric or gas hot water cylinders in Wellington. Whether you need a hot water cylinder for a new home or need an old water heater replaced, we offer a solution to suit your needs and budget. Both internal or external tanks are available to install and replace in Wellington. In some situations, we can install a pump to boost the shower pressure. Heat pump hot water heaters are an eco-friendly option too.

Our Hot Water Heating Services

  • Have a leak or no hot water? We carry out repairs to existing electric and gas units.
  • Convert your low pressure water heater to high pressure.
  • Change electric tanks to gas hot water cylinders or Continuous Flow units.
  • Reduce your energy bill by installing solar water heaters or PV panels to power electric elements in hot water cylinders.

Timeframe – It usually takes 1 – 2 days to install a hot water cylinder. Installation is subject to availability of the hot water cylinder. Most hot water repair or replacement jobs can be done same day if called in before 10am.

Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

Are you looking for a hot water upgrade to remove the hot water cylinder in your Wellington home? Call our local hot water cylinder guy that specialises in hot water cylinder replacement. We offer hot water cylinder replacement and removal for heat pumps, and electric, solar, gas, and continuous flow systems.

We have experience of almost 40 years and offer hot water cylinder removal of any old HWC and upgrade it to a modern hot water cylinder system. We are local hot water cylinder installers servicing the Wellington region. We are also available for heat pump water heater replacement and continuous flow replacement services.

Our expert team can also offer information on replacing hot water cylinder with combi boiler, or replacing hot water cylinder with gas, or change hot water cylinders, or hot water cylinder element replacement, hot water cylinder immersion heater replacement, and more hot water replacement services across Wellington. Get in touch with us today on 0800 484 353 to know the hot water replacement cost in Wellington.

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Types of Hot Water Heaters

Electrical hot water cylinder

Electrical hot water cylinder

An electrical hot water cylinder is also known as an electric water heater. It typically consists of a tank with an electric heating element inside. The heating element heats the water, which is then stored in the tank until it is needed.

A gas hot water cylinder, also known as a gas water heater, is used to heat and store hot water for household use. It typically consists of a tank with a gas burner inside. The burner heats the water, which is then stored in the tank until it is needed.

Gas hot water cylinder

Gas hot water cylinder

Solar hot water cylinder

Solar hot water cylinder

A solar hot water cylinder uses energy from the sun to heat water for domestic or commercial use. It consists of a cylinder, usually made of stainless steel or copper. The cylinder is connected to a solar panel or collector, which absorbs energy from the sun and transfers it to the water in the cylinder. The heated water is then stored in the cylinder and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as showers, washing dishes, and doing laundry. Solar hot water cylinders are an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to provide hot water for homes and businesses.

Heat pump water heaters are a type of appliance that uses electricity to move heat from the air or ground to a tank to heat water. They work by using a refrigerant and a compressor to transfer heat from the surrounding air or ground into a tank of water, which is then stored for use in various household or commercial applications. Heat pump water heaters are known for their high energy efficiency and low operating costs, as they use less electricity than traditional electric water heaters. They are also environmentally friendly, as they do not produce greenhouse gas emissions during operation. Heat pump water heaters are a popular choice for homeowners and businesses looking to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Heat pump water heaters

Heat pump water heaters

Types of Storage Cylinders

Mains Pressure or High Pressure

Provides you with more options for new tapware. Has a higher pressure water in the shower and reduces the time it takes for hot water to get to the taps. Although more hot water is usually used.

Low Pressure

Want to help save the planet and save money while doing it? Changing to a low-pressure cylinder decreases the amount of water your household is using, therefore, saving you money while saving water resources.

Smart tanks

Smart tanks determine how you use hot water and only heat the water just before you need it. Smart tanks reduce heat loss by keeping water hot when you are not using it.

Why Buy Hot Water Cylinders Wellington From Us?

You can buy from several sites on the web but where will they be when it goes wrong? We have a 24/7 business and stand by what we sell.
We are local plumbers in Wellington near you.
We have been offering our services for almost 40 years.
We are a family-run business.
We can recommend you water cylinder right for you.
Service jobs - We service what we sell and all the stuff you bought from someone else too.
Available 24/7 - Call us on 0800 484 353. You will reach us even at the oddest time of the day, and we can help you.

Do You Have No Hot Water? Are you running out of hot water?

This is a simple list of common faults some you can check yourself. Do not open any electrical covers as there will be 240 volts inside.

No hot water, from an electrical perspective, is either:

  • Faulty element
  • Failed thermostat
  • Fuse blown
  • Power to the water heater faulty e.g. break in the cable
  • Switch faulty
  • Ripple Control faulty at the meter board
  • There are many plumbing problems that can result in no hot water such as water leaks
  • There is a difference between the water is cold and the hot tap has no water discharging from it. This often caused by the washer sticking to the seat of the tap or the supply tank is empty or the water is off or air locked.
  • Tempering valve is faulty i.e. the water is hot but the valve is faulty so the water is either cold or warm. Check the top of the tank, check if it is warm.

Gas Hot Water Heating Cylinders – No Hot Water

  • The pilot is out, or there is a problem with the gas supply, if it is a storage tank.
  • Power is off, if it is an electronic unit.
  • The batteries are flat in a battery unit. Only some mobile and older Bosch units.
  • There is a problem with the gas supply.
  • The water heater is faulty.
  • There has been a power surge and the surge protector has tripped inside the unit.
  • Control pad is off.

It is likely that if we take out a low-pressure hot water system and install a high-pressure hot water system there will be fewer showers but they will be more intense for the same volume tank. The solution for more showers is a bigger tank or continuous flow gas system.

Is Your Hot Water Cylinder Leaking?

Now is the time to decide on what hot water system you want. We can straight swap your current hot water cylinder with the same tank type, or change the energy source or how the tank is fed with water. We can install valve fed tank that results in better water pressure. Or upgrade to a gas continuous flow system. You can call our hot water cylinders Wellington experts to help you find the best hot water cylinder for your home.

Call us now on 0800 484 353 for more information on hot water cylinders Wellington services. Do not forget to ask about the new Smart Cylinders that can cut your heating costs.

For information on under bench water heaters for sinks, click here. In addition to the above services, we also offer hot water cylinder repairs across Wellington. Call one of our certified gas fitters to repair your old or new hot water cylinder. We also offer marine gasfitting across Wellington.

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