Low Shower Pressure Wellington

How to Improve Low Shower Pressure

Bad shower pressure can be annoying when you are in hurry. Most of the times, it is easy to see if you are having a problem with shower pressure. Low shower pressure could be a result of many causes. Poor plumbing can be also be one of the causes for low shower pressure. Sometimes water pressure coming into your house may be lower than expected. You can contact the council or a certified plumber to figure out the pressure level in your home.

How to Improve Low Shower Pressure
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There are several methods to improve low shower pressure in your home:

  • Get a bigger supply tank and/or replace the piping with larger bore piping.
  • Change the shower mixer – This will cost $600 – 1500 approximately depending if the wall lining has to come off. Most times it does not.
  • Change the low-pressure cold to the shower to mains pressure. Change the shower mixer to unequal from equal low pressure. It will help in getting hot water from the hot water cylinder.
  • Change the shower rose. $350 -650 approx. There are some great shower roses. Check which one will solve the problem, for expert advice contact us.
  • Change the method of supplying water to the shower. You can change to being fed with a pressure reducing valve with an open vent for $1200 – 1400 approx.
  • Fit a booster pump – Fitting a booster pump will improve your shower pressure for $1200-2200. approx.
  • Change hot water system to valve vented for $ 1285 -1700 approx.
  • Replace hot water cylinder with a medium pressure or a high-pressure type. – $3500 – $4700 approx.
  • Change hot water cylinder to a different system, e.g. gas continuous flow. $3500 – $5000 approx.
  • Change to heat pump water heater for $6000 to $8500 approx.

If you are consistently facing problem with your shower pressure then get in touch with our professional and certified plumbers in Wellington. We can fix low shower pressure with various options. We can also help you increase shower pressure in your bathroom. Call our certified plumbers for improving the performance of your shower on 0800 484 353.