What is Radiant Heating - Advantages of Radiators

What is Radiant Heating – Advantages of Radiators

Radiant heating is an old form of home heating. In radiant heating, surfaces are heated with the help of infrared rays from the heater. The air does not get heated, but the objects which are in the path of the heat rays get heated as they absorb the infrared rays.

Radiant heating is efficient, clean, comfortable and silent. There are no ducts or outlets that you have to clean and requires very little maintenance. Radiant heating lets you zone your house. You can group rooms into zones; these zones can have different temperatures set at different times.


What is Radiant Heating - Advantages of Radiators

Advantages of Radiators Central Heating

  • Radiators are a safe form of heating as there are no excessive temperatures to catch things on fire or burn people
  • The heating temperature can be controlled with a thermostat in every room
  • You can dry your clothes over it or put them on warm in the morning before you get dressed
  • There are no cords laying on the floor
  • It is an asset in any home and will increase the value of the house
  • No open flames or sparks
  • No fan noise
  • Radiator heating is cost-effective
  • Radiator heating is very efficient
  • No fumes are discharged into the house
  • Can also be used to heat domestic hot water in the bigger models
  • Fairly safe for children
  • Can’t fall over or catch fire
  • No environmentally harmful chemicals inside
  • A high output means you can turn it on and it heats quickly
  • Can heat the whole house or building
  • The whole system is recyclable.