Gas Water Heating Wellington

Gas Water Heating in Wellington. We have served Wellington for almost 40 years with over 35,000 jobs. Our experts have experience and skilled in various installations of gas water heaters.


Types of Gas Water Heating

There are different types of gas water heating available for example storage and continuous flow. There are water heater called combi water heaters that heat both domestic hot water and radiators.

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The continuous flow gas hot water system provide endless hot water. This means that hot water will be available to you in abundance. We like to install continuous flow water heaters as they take up less space and modern ones are more efficient and if you have a storage tank you get that space back for storage. The most common place for installing continuous flow water heater is near the kitchen sink. This helps in reducing the amount of heating lost in dead legs therefore limiting loss of energy.

Internal units can also be used and are often installed in ceiling spaces with a flue extending through the roof. The reason fewer internal units are installed is due to the higher cost of the flue.


Types of Continuous Flow Gas Water Heating

Continuous flow units are of two types. You can plug in one into the electric wall socket and the other generates its own power to operate the ignition. These are known as mechanical and electronic type continuous flow water heaters. If you are a long way from the power supply then use a mechanical type. The electronic types are larger and often used in commercial water heating situations.


Output of continuous flow units is measured in litres per minute or hour often at shower temperature. Common sizes are 16 litres per minute to 32 litres per minute of shower temp water. 


Installation Issues

Continuous flow gas water heaters use a lot of gas so they need a larger supply pipe than that of a storage type water heater.

There are clearances to opening windows and corners of buildings of 300mm and in front of the unit of 500mm.

The installation of the units must be approved by a certified gas fitter. We are certified Master gas fitters which makes installation of continuous flow gas heater quick.

The electricity outlet needs to have a plug to comply with warranty and that point needs to be protected by RCD device.


Common Installations

We recommend different kinds of hot water systems. We can install Bosch or Rinnai, 24 or 26 outside with 20 meters of piping, hot, cold or gas piping, an electrical connection and removal of the old hot water heater and cap piping.


Storage Gas Water Heating

Storage gas water heaters are fairly common. But they run out of hot water a lot less than electric water heaters. They also recover 3 times faster. They are mostly superseded by continuous flow gas water heaters.  There are internal and external types. We install a wide range of hot water systems Wellington wide. External gas storage tanks are currently the most efficient gas water heaters available in New Zealand. This is followed by the high efficiency continuous flow models.

Dual purpose hot water systems are more popular in Europe. They install these water heaters outside and inside where there is a freezing risk. They are like continuous water heaters but they also heat water for space heating which is sent to radiators in each room. They are installed here too in small numbers due to the higher cost of radiator installation.

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