Solar Hot Water Heating Wellington

Solar Hot Water Heating Wellington

Solar water heating uses sun rays to heat water. Solar water heating is environment-friendly and energy efficient. The heated water is stored in a hot water tank. Planning to get a solar water heating system involves a lot of Solar Hot Water Heating Wellington decision making. Solar panels must be installed where there is lots of sunlight. Solar panels need good exposure to the sun to generate energy. Usually, solar panels are installed on the roof as it gets direct sunlight. Having a solar water heater is one of the most effective methods of cutting carbon footprint. You will have to consider what size you need, type of cylinder and solar hot water system you need, where you will install panels, and cylinder.

It is suggested that you consult an expert before purchasing any panels or hot water cylinder or anything else for solar water heating systems. If you are looking for solar water heating Wellington wide, we have solutions for domestic and commercial installations. Solar hot water heating in Wellington is beneficial for many reasons. We supply and install solar water heaters in Wellington. We also repair solar water heating equipment. We can replace pumps and controllers in solar water heaters.

Alternatives to Solar Hot Water Heating

Electrical Water Heating

Electric hot water cylinders are a good alternative to a solar hot water heater system. Electric hot water cylinders are an efficient alternative if you consume a low or moderate amount of hot water. Electric hot water cylinders are cost-effective as well compared to other water heating systems. You can control the amount of electricity consumed by these electric hot water cylinders either by putting a control button or by getting low night-rate electricity supply.

You can also use an electric immersion water heater or heat pump water heater. A building consent is needed in some cases and also electrical certificate if the installation is new.

Heat pump water heaters have two disadvantages. They are heavy and need to be away from the bedrooms due to the noise. The tank is expensive compared to other water heaters but is easy to install. Running costs for heat pumps are similar to solar water heaters, sometimes even less.

The capital cost of a standard electric water heater is low, particularly low-pressure water heaters, but running costs are high.Solar Hot Water Heating Wellington

With the cost of electric solar panels falling, there is now an option of installing electric solar panels and using the power generated to power the element in a standard tank.

You can also use smart tanks which only heat water when it is needed.

Gas Water Heating

Gas continuous flow is another good hot water system which heats the water when you need it. It is a good alternative to solar water heating. Gas continuous flow is more efficient than other hot water cylinders. Gas continuous flow provides hot water all the time, which means you will never run out of it. Some gas continuous hot water systems have digital controllers. These controllers help in setting a specific water temperature that you may want to choose. Gas continuous flow can run on LPG gas or natural gas.

Gas hot water cylinders do not require electricity; thus gas hot water cylinders heat and supply hot water to you all the time. They are beneficial during power cuts as well. Convention gas hot water cylinders are not as efficient as condensing gas hot water cylinders. Gas hot water cylinders can be installed outside your house. Gas hot water cylinders usually run on natural gas.

Southern installs new hot water systems in Wellington. We also repair an old hot water system and do maintenance checks on hot water system. Our experts can analyse your water requirements and suggest you a cost-effective system for you. You can call Southern on 0800 484 353 for emergency services in Wellington.