Emergency Water Storage Tanks Wellington

Emergency Water Storage Tanks Wellington

On average a household of 4 people (2 adults and 2 children) consume 900L of water per day.

Recent studies have shown that if Wellington has a large earthquake, it could take up to 100 days to reconnect the water supply. In Christchurch it took some suburbs 3 years to reconnect their water supply.

Wellington’s 3 water supply plants have pipes crossing three fault lines, this means that in a large event the pipes could damaged.

The areas most affected by this are Karori and Miramar as they are farthest away from the 3 water supplies.

We consume water daily without realizing the quantity we consume. We use water for washing our hands, taking shower, drinking, washing dishes, cooking, preparation of food eg washing vegetables, cleaning and many other things. Do you have enough 1L and 2L bottles of water to last you for 100 days?

Solution Install Emergency Water Storage Tanks

Emergency Water Tanks Wellington Southern Plumbing

Source: Wellington Water


The Tank Guy provides us NZ made water tanks. The water tanks are made from UV 8 plastic, produced keeping in mind the New Zealand weather conditions. The barrel circular design was created as water is heavy and bulges out of the sides and when this happens the tank is able to expand.

The tanks must be installed on an even base that has plain surface and is free from rocks and stones. This is done to safeguard the water storage tank from being damaged. It also needs to be installed next to a down pipe which will fill the tank with rain water.

200 Litre Emergency Tanks

If you have a flat space within 500mm of a down pipe, our prices for water storage tank delivery and installation are as follows: $199.00 but conditions apply for this special price. We install it when we want over the next 10 days of the order and you share a link on our face book page to this site.  This tank is only for the basics drinking only. It may need to be boiled or treated with a small amount of bleach.

What to do with all the water collected?

And How to reduce your water meter bill.

When installing a large tank and you have sufficient roof area to avoid the tanks over flowing you can divert some of the water to flush the toilets or fill the washing machine or run the water to hose taps for car washing and garden irrigation.

200L Rain Butt tank – $199.00 (Green and Birch Grey colours avail)

emergency water tank Wellington
  • Dimensions: 650mm wide, 1200mm high
  • Colours: Dark Green and Birch Grey
  • 2 x 15mm BSP threaded fittings for the tap

800L Tank – $799.00 (Birch Grey or any of the colour steel colours on request will be avail)

800l Rain Butt Water storage Tank Wellington
  • Stainless steel leaf strainer with lid built in
  • 1 x 15mm BSP fitting for a tap
  • 2 x 32mm BSP fittings at the base of the tank for tank to tank connection kits
  • Dimensions: 1970mm height, 770mm wide
  • Colour: Birch Grey, other colours available upon request at additional cost.
1000L Water storage Tank Wellington

1000L Tank – $850.00 (Dark green only)

  • Colour: Karaka Green (Dark Green)
  • Inbuilt stainless steel mesh leaf strainer and lid
  • 1 x 35mm BSP fitting at the base of the tank for tap connection
  • Dimensions: 970mm wide, 1200mm high to lid, 1480mm total height.

If you need larger water storage tanks, you can contact us for the available options. We can provide different water storage tanks ranging from 200 litres to 30,000 litres across Wellington. Colour options may vary depending on the availability as well as the size of the water tank you choose.

For more information on water storage tanks, visit The Tank Guy.

Note: All prices are GST inclusive.