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Top 5 Bathroom Renovation Tips

Our in-house experts have compiled 5 bathroom renovation tips for you.

Top 5 Bathroom Renovation Tips

Research Bathroom Designs

To begin your bathroom renovation, ideally you would have a clear idea of what you want. Research bathroom layouts and designs online, this should give you some possibilities and ideas for your bathroom renovation. Discuss the details of your new bathroom at home, browse sample layouts and save or print pictures. There are hundreds of bathroom designs available online as well as in print. Check out the bathroom trends that you might like to implement in your new bathroom layout. Bring them along to our bathroom evening to discuss.

Plan Out Your Bathroom

Small bathrooms need to be functional yet spacious enough to keep all the necessities. Come and meet our renovation specialists for resources to assist you in planning. Putting thought into your colour palettes is just as important as planning the layout. It can help to ensure your reno is on-point and under your projected budget. We can help you create that ultimate stylish look in a small or big bathroom

Get Practical and Involve Your Tradesman

A few ideas to check: look at the vanity, open the drawers – will all your cosmetics fit? Touch the tap ware – does it work for you? E.g. you would not be installing taps that require turning for someone with arthritis, you would rather install a lever tap.
Current bathroom trends include drawers and statement tap ware. Come along to our bathroom evening and look at Plumbing World’s latest range of taps that include black and rose gold finishes.
Having everyone on the same page makes things easier. Allow your tradesman to browse your bathroom ideas and plans and direct you to the right fitting. It is also important to involve your tradesman as they can bring industry knowledge and foresee problems. Recently we had a customer who wanted upgrade their toilet, they had been online and settled on a new toilet based on looks only. When they shared that with us we noted the toilet pans were not the same shape or size. This meant that part of the floor that was previously covered would now be exposed. So they had a decision to make – re-do the floor or change the toilet.

Top 5 Bathroom Renovation Tips Southern Plumbing Wellington Plumbers

Be Prepared and Patient

A bathroom renovation will affect your daily routine, make sure you are prepared for some disruption. The bathroom is the smallest room in the house which makes it hard for all trades to work simultaneously.  Being prepared will serve you well whilst your bathroom renovation is completed.

Realistic Expectations

Always remember that there is a chance of the initial bathroom design changing due to various reasons. Whilst some things may need to be cut due to budget the most common reason is physical constraints. Being aware of the physical measurements and constraints in your bathroom will help guide you towards vanities etc that will work.

Did these tips help? Feel free to call Southern Plumbing to discuss any ideas you have. You can contact us on  0800 484 353.