Measures for Wellington Residents: Storing Emergency Water Amid Water Shortage Concerns

Wellington residents are facing a critical recommendation: store emergency water supplies due to looming water shortage concerns. The potential for severe water restrictions has prompted an urgent need to secure water for essential use in the capital.

At present, Wellington, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, and Porirua are under level one water restrictions, allowing sprinkler use only every other day. However, Wellington Water, collaborating with emergency agencies, is preparing for level four restrictions. If imposed, these restrictions would halt all outdoor water usage and significantly reduce indoor consumption by up to 50%.

Jeremy Holmes, the regional manager of the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (Wremo), emphasizes the urgency of water storage. “We anticipate tighter water restrictions in 2024, making it vital for individuals to stockpile emergency water while current limitations still allow.”

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As per Wremo’s guidelines, households should aim for a reserve of at least 20 liters per person per day, sufficient for a week’s sustenance (totaling 140 liters per person).

Holmes highlights various methods for water storage. “Whether repurposing cleaned plastic bottles, using larger containers from hardware stores, or installing a 200-liter household emergency water tank available through local councils, there are multiple options to consider.”

Recognising the challenge of space constraints, especially in apartments, Holmes encourages creative storage solutions. “Explore unconventional spaces like behind furniture, under beds, or tucked away in cupboards.”

Moreover, local councils in Wellington are offering discounted rates for 200-liter water tanks, providing residents with an opportunity to proactively secure their water reserves.

As the city prepares for potential stringent water restrictions, proactive steps to store water become an imperative need. By heeding this advice and employing innovative storage solutions, Wellington residents can better prepare themselves for any impending water shortage, ensuring their households are adequately equipped to navigate through challenging times.

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