Battery Recycling and Restoration Wellington

Lithium Ion Batteries for battery recycling and restoration E waste. Battery recyclers Wellington








Battery Recycling Wellington

We are after any Power Drill batteries and Laptop or Note book batteries that you may have lying around. So if your wanting to undertake some battery recycling, or disposal, give us and call or email us.

It does not matter if they are working or not. We recover these batteries and rather than throwing them in landfill or leaving them lying under the house. We can pick up or you can drop off. In particular we are after Lithium Ion batteries from notebooks and power tools and not Nickle cadmium we take those to E waste re-cycles.

Battery Restoration Wellington

We know its better to re-purpose a battery rather than send it to E waste recycling where we pay to send it over seas when the battery has many years of life left in it if it was restored and re-purposed into power storage devices.

The best batteries are power tool and laptop batteries. We want them direct from the public rather than e waste recyclers.

We are not wanting Nickle cadmium batteries from older drills.

Contact us today to pick up in the Wellington Region.

We are also interested in larger quantities from outside Wellington.