Smart Roof Maintenance Tips

Smart Roof Maintenance Tips

The most important aspect of any house is the roof. Every year, many homeowners get their roof replaced or repaired. Even though you will have to replace or repair your roof sooner or later, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the health of your roof.

Our roof maintenance checklist will help you analyse and identify potential damage to your roof. Checking your roof regularly will benefit your roof’s health. Roof maintenance also increases the roof’s life.

Smart Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof Leaks

Check your roof for any possible leaks. You might be able to see some cracks on the ceiling. Even water stains on the ceiling can be a sign of leaks in the roof. A small roof leak can become a major problem for you. It can introduce mould to the area, the mould can spread further and damage a large area of the roof. It can also hamper the insulation.

Damaged Roof Tiles

Tiles are exposed to such different weather conditions here in New Zealand and face wear & tear on a regular basis. Heavy rain, strong winds, dry air, strong sunlight, etc., can damage tiles. Sometimes tiles can even go missing due to strong winds. Damaged or missing tiles allow water, pests and debris.

Damaged Roof Shingles Smart Roof Maintenance Tips

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters get cluttered without even knowing. Regular cleaning is important to extend their life. Sometimes gutters are also damaged by birds and other pests. This can lead to further damage like roof leaks.

Chimney Removal

Factors like bad or damaged flashings, broken chimney, old chimney, worn-out roof profile, etc., are harmful for your roof. A damaged roof will result in roof leaks, big repair, poor safety, mold growth, and decreased property value. A chimney is made up of more than just bricks. Flashings cover the chimney from all four sides to prevent water from going inside. Even if one flashing is damaged, it can cause significant damage to your roof.

We recommend removing your chimney completely as it is a risk during earthquakes. We can replace chimney with flue.

Chimney removal Smart Roof Maintenance Tips

Check for Loose or Missing Flashings

Flashing is a thin construction material used to prevent water from entering into sealed areas such as corners and roof edges. Flashing is waterproof and protects the roof from the direct flow of water. Flashing can become loose due to bad weather conditions, rodents, birds, etc. Loose flashing can result in a lot of damage to the roof and increases the possibility of a roof leak. Kick-out flashing is the most common to fall out of its place.

Check for Loose or Missing Flashings

Organising Your Roof Space

Roof spaces  are mostly used for storage purposes. Keeping your roof space organised is helpful in preventing it from getting cluttered. It also helps in keeping the roof dirt and rodent-free. You should check the roof in 3-4 months interva s to keep it clean.

Remove Debris from Attic Smart Roof Maintenance Tips

Insulation Check

Checking ceiling insulation is another smart roof maintenance tip. Insulation and ventilation in the roof space help to prevent moisture. Insulation can also be damaged by rodents and birds. Additionally, check your insulation for dampness. If there is a tiny hole in the roof, your roof insulation can become damp.

Trim the Trees

Tree branches can become too long and reach your house’s roof or gutter. Roots can grow under your house the same way. Overhanging branches offer easy access to rodents, birds and insects. They can easily enter your house through these overhanging branches. Leaves from trees can pile up and clutter the gutter, rodents and birds can build their nests in gutters. To safeguard your roof from becoming a pile of leaves or to be safe from birds, trimming the tree branches is a good idea.

Roof Inspection

If there is any major problem in your roof, then we recommend calling a certified roofer who can fix the roofing problem for you. There are places that you cannot reach without taking safety measures. Dangerous actions like accessing top of the roof, checking for severe roof damage, etc., must be done by professional roof inspection team.

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