Small Bathroom Renovation - Refresh Your Bathroom with Small Changes

Small Bathroom Renovation – Refresh Your Bathroom with Small Changes

Upgrading your bathroom does not mean completely changing your bathroom. You can make small changes and it can make a big impact on how your bathroom looks and feels.


Replace the Vanity

You can replace the vanity or revamp it with new paint, or even change the drawer handles; these can bring a clean new look to your bathroom. The vanity drawer handles can complement the colour and style of your bathroom taps, and other fixtures. For example, if your tap is black, you can change the handles to black as well.


Changing the type of vanity can have an impact as well. Wall mounting the vanity can create the illusion of more floor space.


Small Bathroom Renovation - Replace vanity Wellington


Taps and Other Fixtures


Installing new fixtures can make an impactful difference to the style of your bathroom. You can upgrade from an old rustic tap to a new style tap. Changing your taps are in the bathroom can also add a little spark to your bathroom. Wall-mounted taps are in trend. You can choose new styles of taps, towel bars and drawer handles. Black, brass and chrome are few metal finishes loved by people these days.

Small Bathroom Renovation - Taps and Other Fixtures Wellington


Change Door Style

A door can make a difference in the layout of your bathroom. Usually, the door opening area is dead space. You can utilise this space by upgrading to a sliding door.

Small Bathroom Renovation - Change Door Style Wellington

Remove the tub

If you have a bathtub and no one uses it, then why not get rid of it. A bathtub can take up excess space, which can be easily used to house a shower and add storage or space to your bathroom.


Creatively Convert Your Windows


Often small bathrooms don’t have enough space to put a mirror. You can use the window to hang a mirror in front of. It is a creative way of using space and adding a new idea to your bathroom.

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