Simple and Easy Bathroom Upgrades Wellington

Simple and Easy Bathroom Upgrades Wellington

Bathroom Paint

Selecting the right colours for your bathroom can have a great impact on the space and design of your bathroom. The bathroom is cluttered with basin, showers or baths, towel rails, cabinets and more. Bathroom paint colour helps in defining the style and aesthetic you want in your bathroom.

Bathroom Vent Fan

If your bathroom is in a closed space, adding a ventilation fan will be very useful. Having proper ventilation in the bathroom is required by some of the building compliance codes. Building code may define the vent fan requirements and recommendations. It is important to check them before adding, changing or removing a ventilation fan.

The bathroom vent fan is helpful in removing warm or moist air, keep the bathroom door free, reduce the growth of mold, etc. Moisture is also responsible for damaging doors, wall paint, wallboard, etc.

Mini Trash Can

Instead of using a big bin in your bathroom, you can choose a smaller bin. You will save space and the bathroom will not look cluttered.

Wall-Mounted Towel Bar

Installing wall-mounted towel bar helps in utilising the space on the wall and it also adds an element to the wall. It is an easy addition to the bathroom’s style.

Storage Solutions

It gets difficult to store things in a small bathroom. Having an organised storage area can be very helpful. You can utilise blocked empty spaces for storage purposes. For example, if you have space under the washbasin, stack small drawers to keep things. You can also keep a small cabinet underneath. If you have an empty area above the toilet, you can use the space to stack toilet paper.

Over-the-Door Organiser

Having an empty space above the bathroom door can be turned into a storage space. You can install a rack and keep baskets with things in it. You can also place a storage cabinet above the door.