Rinnai Heating Wellington

Rinnai is one of the most reliable companies for gas water heating systems. Having a good hot water heating system is energy-efficient and cost-effective.

We are often asked what is continuous flow?

Water is heated in continuous flow when it passes the unit. A continuous flow unit does not heat and store hot water. Water enters the continuous flow unit, and hot water is delivered at a predetermined flow rate. This may differ based on the model you have.

How to choose the right Rinnai Infinity model?

When you are upgrading or buying a Rinnai Infinity gas continuous flow water heater, you should consider the future requirements of the building. It is important to keep in mind the number of hot water outlets in the building than the number of people who will need hot water.

Rinnai Infinity has different models which are suitable for single bathrooms, two or three bathrooms, and more. You might need more than one unit for a various number of bathrooms. Rinnai Infinity comes in a wide range and has multiple series which are suitable for residential purposes and commercial purposes. Rinnai Infinity A-series is specifically made for residential use. Rinnai Infinity HD and Rinnai Infinity EF are made for both residential as well as commercial purposes.

Rinnai Infinity A-series

Rinnai Infinity A-series Wellington Southern Plumbing

Rinnai Infinity HD

Rinnai Infinity HD Wellington Southern Plumbing

Rinnai Infinity EF

Rinnai Infinity EF Wellington Southern Plumbing

Southern Plumbing is heating expert in Wellington. We have experience in Rinnai heating services in Wellington. Our gas fitters have installed many Rinnai gas water heating systems across Wellington. If you are looking for a reliable gas fitting company for heating solutions then call Southern Plumbing on 0800 484 353.