Hot Water Cylinders Wellington Fast Response

Hot Water Cylinders Wellington

Hot Water Cylinders Wellington

A powerful and reliable hot water heater is the best option for your domestic or commercial property. Southern Plumbing can install an electric or gas hot water cylinders in Wellington, Kapiti Coast, and Hutt Valley. Whether you need a hot water cylinder for a new home or need an old water heater replaced, we offer a solution to suit your needs and budget. Both internal or external tanks are available with Southern Plumbing. In some situations, we can install a pump to boost shower pressure.

Our services

  • Have a leak or no hot water? We carry out repairs to existing electric and gas units. We offer both plumbing and electrical services
  • Replace existing hot water cylinders
  • Install and connect new hot water cylinder units
  • Low pressure to high-pressure conversions
  • Electric tanks to gas hot water cylinders or Continuous Flow units.

Timeframe – It usually takes 1 – 2 days to install a hot water cylinder. Installation is subject to availability of the hot water cylinder.

Types of Hot Water Heaters

Storage cylinders

Mains or High Pressure – Most common type of hot water cylinders Wellington. Provides you with more options for new tapware and other fittings. Has a higher pressure of water in the shower and speeds up the time you need to wait for the water to heat up.

Low Pressure – Want to help save the planet and save money while doing it? Changing to a low pressure cylinder decreases the amount of water your household is using therefore saving you money while saving important water resources.

Smart tanks – Solar hot water heating is the future. We are big believers in being eco-friendly by using natural resources to generate power. If you are interested in solar power then the solar water heater tank is for you.


hot water cylinders Welington
Hot Water Cylinders Welington

Is Your Hot Water Cylinder Leaking?

Now is the time to decide on what system you want. There are many to choose from. Straight swap with the same tank type or change energy source or how the tank is fed with water – eg. valve fed which results in better pressure. Or change to a gas continuous flow system.

Why Buy From Us?

  • You can buy from a number of sites on the web but where will they be when it goes wrong? We have a 24/7 business and stand by what we sell.
  • We are local and we have been here for over 30 years. We are a family business and we will still be around after the others have gone.
  • The test is the night before a public holiday, who are you going to call? 0800 484 353. You will get a person on the phone who is local and can help you.
  • We will sell you the same water heaters we use in our own homes.
  • We service what we sell and all the stuff you bought from someone else too, if possible, when you can’t call them.
hot water cylinders Welington
Hot Water Cylinders Welington

Do you have Weak Or Low Shower Pressure?

We have the technology

There is nothing worse than a weak shower you have to run around under to get wet. We see a lot of really bad showers. Southern Plumbing can fix your low water pressure problems faster and better.


  • Change the shower mixer and Rose. It will make some difference.
  • Change the hot water system from Low Pressure to High Pressure. This will make a big difference.

Do You Have No Hot Water? Are you running out of hot water?

This is a simple list of common faults some you can check yourself. Do not open any electrical covers as there will be 240 volts inside.

No hot water, from an electrical perspective, is either:

  • Faulty element
  • Faulty thermostat.
  • Fuse blown
  • Power to the water heater faulty eg break in the cable.
  • Switch faulty.
  • Ripple Control faulty at the meter board.
  • There are many plumbing problems that can result in no hot water such as water leaks.
  • There is a difference between the water is cold and the hot tap has no water discharging from it. This often caused by the washer sticking to the seat of the tap or the supply tank is empty or the water is off or air locked.
  • Tempering valve is faulty ie. the water is hot but the valve is faulty so the water is either cold or warm. Check the top of the tank is it warm. Or surprise surprise someone’s used all the hot water.

Gas Hot Water Heating Cylinders – No Hot Water

  • The pilot is out, or there is a problem with the gas supply, if it is a storage tank.
  • The power is off, if it is an electronic unit.
  • The batteries are flat in a battery unit. Only some mobile and older Bosch units.
  • There is a problem with the gas supply.
  • The water heater is faulty.
  • There has been a power surge and the surge protector has tripped inside the unit.
  • Control pad is off.

It is likely that if we take out a low pressure hot water system and install a high pressure hot water system there will be less showers but they will be more intense for the same volume tank. The solution for more showers is a bigger tank or continuous flow gas systems.
Call now on 0800 484 353 for more information on hot water cylinders.
Ask about the new Smart Cylinders that can cut your heating costs.

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