Roof Profiles

Roofing Shapes Styles and Colours

We install a range of roofing materials in Wellington. We recommend different roof profiles and materials depending on a number of factors outlined below.
The traditional material was galavanised corrugated iron manufactured by plumbers in their workshops. Today there are many types of profiles and materials.
The base material is galvanised Steel or Zincalume some with a Coloursteel coating applied. The most common roofing material installed today is ColourSteel. ColourSteel comes in different grades depending on where it is used. Most roofs are done in standard Coloursteel. Roofs close to the sea or corrosive environments are in higher grades which are more expensive but last a lot longer.
Installation instructions for Coloursteel are extensive. All roofs installed by us are in accordance with the NZ Building Code. The code requires roofs to last at least 15 years but in some places up to 50 years.

Some parts of a roof can be hard to access later when the materials need repairs so we may use Aluminium on these areas.

The type and material chosen, depends on how hard it is to replace which is a requirement of the Building Code, the area we are installing it and depends on the slope of the roof and not just how it looks. Corrugated iron does not work below 8 degrees so a different profile is used.

Roofing Profiles


Corrugated Iron

8 degree minimum pitch

Corrugated Iron Long Run Wellington


Trapeziodal Roof Profile

Styleline Roof profile

spec pic styleline


Tray dek Roofing

Dimondek roof profile


Pressed Tile Profiles

Decramastic Roof Tiles Wellington

This is a picture of a section of old Decramastic roof tiles. You will notice some are dented and where someone has walked on the tile several times the tile cracks in the top rib and rain water leaks in. It is very had to find this cracked tile as sometimes the water tracks down the building paper until it finds a crack in the paper and leaks in. This crack can only be seen from the underside. In other words you need to take the tile off to see it. We can replace these tiles with Gerard Roof Tiles. The profile shown in the picture comes in 7 and 8 bay types. Some have a straight edge and some a scolloped edge. Over the years we have attended a lot of leaks where the owner has  called on all sorts of people to find and fix leaks in these roof profiles this is evidenced by huge quantities of silicon squirted all over every lap and joint they can find in the hope of fixing the problem. Usually after several attempts at fixing this they call us and we replace the faulty tiles.