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Roof Replacement Wellington

We offer roof replacement Wellington services. Our roofers are fully trained and accredited to do all kinds of roofing jobs in Wellington. Southern Plumbing offers a wide range of roofing services in Wellington. We do residential roof replacement services for all new builds as well as old residential properties. We can recommend roof profile types for various jobs. Whether you are looking for a roofer to fix your gutter, fix flashing, replace roof, or repair spouting, etc., you can call us. You can get a free roof replacement quote to get an idea of the roof replacement cost for your Wellington property. We also offer garage roof replacement services in Wellington.

Roof leak repairs Scaffolding Services Wellington

Roof Safety and Access

The roofing industry is committed to ensure everyone goes home each night without injury. Like all of us, roof techs have the right to feel safe while working.

Working at heights requires a safe approach due to the risk of falling. The government has implemented strict legislation for the safety of the workers working on roofs. Government has introduced bigger fines for not following the right scaffolding regulations. If our roofers are on the first rung of a ladder, there is a risk that needs managing. If a contractor is found working at heights without taking precautions, training or equipment; he can be fined for it.

It is surprising what risks some customers expect us to undertake to fix their roof problems.

We are obligated to undertake a safety assessment before going to a work site. Once the risks have been assessed, implementing correct measures is done to safeguard people from falling.

This process is used to inspect the roof. We can sometimes inspect this with aerial photography or by attending the site.

Options for Staying Safe during Wellington roof replacement:

  • Viewing the roof from the ground
  • Rope Access equipment
  • Scaffolding
  • Edge protection
  • Cherry picker.

Wellington's Local Roof Replacement Services

Our team of roofers are roof replacement specialists, we offer all kinds of roof replacement services across Wellington. You can call us for small roof replacement or complete roof replacement. We can also assess your roof and offer better solutions where you might not even have to spend thousands of dollars on a complete roof replacement. Upon roof assessment, we can send you a quote stating either a complete roof replacement cost or small section replacement cost.

Wellington’s windy weather damages roofs the most, it is important to keep a close eye on your roof. Even a small damage can cause a big roof problem. It is also important to note that sometimes rodents, mould, etc., damage or add to the weather related damages.

Roof leak repairs Scaffolding Services Wellington

Roof profile types we work with

Our roof replacement team is skilled and experienced in working with different types of roof profiles.

Flat Colorsteel Roofing

Flat Colorsteel Roofing roof replacement wellington

Dimondeck 400


Flat Butynol/Rubber Roofs


Concrete Tile


Corrugated Iron Long Run

Corrugated Iron Long Run Wellington

Asphalt Shingles


Timber Shingles


Colorsteel Roofing


Decramastic Roof Tiles


Roof replacement services by our team is not limited to the above mentioned roof profiles. Call us today for all your roof replacement requirements in Wellington, Johnsonville, Tawa, Whitby, Miramar, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Petone, Island Bay, Berhampore, Churton Park, Days Bay, Eastbourne, Haitaitai, and other suburbs.

You can call us for all kinds of Wellington roof replacement services on 0800 484 353. Our roof replacement Wellington experts can work on all kinds of roof profiles and offer you best of their services. Whether you are looking for someone for spouting replacement, gutter installation, etc., you can hire our team to work for you.

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