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Radiator Central Heating Wellington

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Are you looking for central heater installers in Wellington? If yes, then you’re at the right place! Our team has been installing radiator central heating in Wellington for around 40 years. The central heating radiators are smaller for the same output, and boilers can be wall-mounted. They are efficient and cost-effective. Natural gas is the most common method of heating water in radiators. Radiator central heating systems compete effectively with other types of heating systems, including heat pumps. They can control heating a particular room. The other kinds of heating systems cannot do this. This reduces running costs, especially for houses that are not insulated well.

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What is the difference between Radiators and Warm Air Central Heating?

Central heating as a form of heating is more expensive than spot heating. Heating one or two rooms is more efficient than heating the whole building when no one is using the rest of it. The radiator system can control different rooms at once. It uses a control valve or thermostat. You can zone warm air central heating. There is a limit to how many outlets can operate with warm air central heating. With radiators, you can heat only one room. There is less heat loss with the piping compared to the ducting and less pet damage. The boilers are easy to service.

Servicing of Central Heating Radiators

Radiators should be serviced every two years at least and for best results every year. Servicing should cover the entire system including the radiators, the piping, and the boiler. The water in the system should be treated and topped up and the system bled of air. The insulation piping, boiler, and the gas piping must be checked and tested.

What about the Radiators themselves?

The radiators come in all shapes and sizes and can be from a variety of suppliers. Most are steel, and some are aluminium, which is more expensive. They contain water with a corrosion inhibitor which is heated. There are ladder-like radiators for bathrooms; some have summer mode. It is also connected to electricity the same way as a heated towel rail.

Radiator Boilers

There are different models and sizes of radiator boilers. The boiler is selected by the gas fitter based on the size of the building to be heated and whether it is inside or outside. The boilers are also selected based on price, and they differ in price based on size; internal or external and the efficiency rating of the boiler. Some radiator boiler models are condensing, and some are not. The condensing models are more expensive and less costly to run.

How does a Radiator Heating System Work

The system is always full of water. The thermostat or controller is installed in the hallway. When the temperature falls below the set temperature, the boiler heats water; and it is sent to the radiators. You can set time and days as well. If you do not require a radiator, you can turn it off. You can also turn off the whole system with the controller.

Radiator Servicing

Every two years, the system water and pressures need checking, and the unit needs cleaning. The water contains a corrosion inhibitor which may need topping up.

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