Arranging a Pre Purchase Building Report in Wellington

How you arrange a report

When making an offer on a property make it subject to a pre purchase report within 5 working days. This is a standard way in the industry.

You then call us with:-

  • The agency name
  • The land agent’s name
  • The agent’s telephone number
  • The agent’s cell phone number
  • Your contact details
  • Details of the site to be inspected
  • Any area of concern in relation to the property.

Who we work for

The majority of reports are for people looking to purchase a property.
Occasionally we get sellers looking for a report to upgrade their property before selling. We do not work for land agents directly as they are representing the seller, and there would be a conflict of interest in a report that is looking for fault.

To arrange a pre-purchase house inspection report in Wellington, call on 0800 484 353.

Arranging a Pre Purchase Building Report in Wellington Southern Plumbing

pre purchase building inspection Reports Wellington

Pre Purchase House Inspection Report – On site

While we inspect the building, you can be present at the property. We can run the checklist through you while we work on it. We are also happy to carry out the report on our own.

Once you have the report, you can then negotiate with the seller or the seller’s agent.

You should remember that the agent does not represent you or your interests in the sale.

If an agent if offering you repairs at half price, then do not accept it. You may need some advice from an expert to suggest you with the kind of repairs to go ahead with. The seller will want to do a cheap job that often does not comply with the building code, or with an unqualified person or a partial repair.

The pre purchase house inspection report is helpful in understanding the real condition of the house you are purchasing. We provide honest and fair house inspection report in Wellington. Based on the report, we inform you about the problems we found and the repairs you can do with them.

With experience of more than 40 years, Southern has completed many building reports in Wellington. In addition to the building reports, we offer other services including plumbing, gasfitting, roofing, solar panel installation, electrical, and more. Call 0800 484 353 to inquire about building reports in Wellington.

For pre purchase house inspection report, we cover all the aspects of the house.

Exterior Inspection
Interior Inspection
Under Floor Inspection
Services Inspection
Roof Space Inspection
Roof Inspection
Pre Purchase Building Inspections Wellington NZ

An accredited and experienced building surveyor will provide you with a complete report with all things that might need your attention before buying the house. A fair report gives you an insight into the health of the house you are buying. It becomes easier for you to analyse the real condition of the house and decide on repairs and solutions accordingly.

Southern is your trusted partner for all your building inspection needs in Upper Hutt and the wider Hutt Valley area. Our team of qualified building inspectors is equipped with the expertise and experience to conduct thorough property inspections in Upper Hutt, ensuring that your investment is in safe hands. Whether you require a comprehensive building inspection for a residential or commercial property, we have you covered. With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, you can rest assured that our building inspections will provide you with valuable insights and peace of mind for your property endeavors.

We are a trusted surveyor for house inspection reports in Wellington. We aim to provide you with an honest building report for your complete peace of mind. Our inspection reports are easy to understand. We understand how much investment is involved in buying a house, it is recommended to use a certified surveyor for a complete house inspection report. Call Southern on 0800 484 353 for pre purchase building reports in Wellington.