Waste Disposers

Southern Plumbing Waste DisposerWe are Wellington Experts in supply and installation or replacement of waste disposers.

Our plumbing experts can install better, quiet, powerful and cheap waste disposers. We can also install brutes for commercial use.

Why waste disposers fail and what can is the solution to it?
Sometimes water leaks into the motor which might result in breaking the blades. In some instances, wrong food goes down burning the motor out which is common or the unit wears out.

It is usually cheaper to replace the disposer when this happens. Some people remove waste disposers on their own as they find it quicker to throw food scraps into the bin or compost container, than down a waste disposer. This might be a cheaper alternative but it is not recommended to do so. In such situation, we fit a stainless plate adapter to replace the large hole left by waste disposer. Then only a normal waste hole will be left.

It is better for the environment to compost food scraps than to put them through the sewage system.

There are several food scraps that will not go down waste disposers. Corn cobs, stringy foods such as celery, large quantities of stoggy food such as rice, fat, etc.

Sink blockages caused by waste disposers
The purpose of using a waste disposer is to make sure there is nothing in the waste hole. Start the disposer, turn on the water, and only then put food scraps down the disposer slowly. Don’t put any fat in the disposer. Don’t put down any foods that will make working of the waste disposer difficult.

When waste disposers block sink wastes they can be hard to unblock, particularly in apartment blocks where we cannot get access to the outlet of the waste and its all inside the wall or in the ceiling of the apartment below. Our experts work with special equipment to unblock wastes inside walls. Plunging often will not unblock them.

Replacement of waste disposers
This is a simple job and it takes approximately 1 to 2 hours in most cases. Some disposers are quieter than others, and are higher priced as a result.

Removing waste disposers

We have waste hole adapters that can easily fit in large holes when waste disposers are removed.

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