Solar water heating Wellington

Solar water heating Wellington
A large solar array we installed in Newtown Wellington

Solar Water Heating Wellington

Wellington is an ideal place for solar water heating. If you are an eco-friendly person or you want to spend less on electricity or you have very little power available then solar water heating is the way to go.
There are two kinds of solar collectors, namely, flat plate and evacuated tubes.
There are two types of installing solar geysers, pumped and thermosyphon. Pumped is the most popular in Wellington specially when retro fitting an existing house.

What competes with solar water heaters for efficiency and cost? Heat pump water heater, it has similar efficiency at lower cost.  Call us for more info.

The photo on right shows one of Wellington’s Largest solar water systems.

Pumped vs Thermosyphon

From plumbing perspective, there are pumped and thermosyphon (or unpumped). Thermosyphon is installed on the roof top with the solar panels. Often owners don’t want a tank on their roof due to different reasons.

Pumped system consists of a circulation pump along with a controller installed to the geyser to regulate water to the collector and then water returns once it is heated.

Most solar water heaters in New Zealand are pumped. If a building is designed for solar water heater, the tank and collector can be installed on the top. Ensure you are not likely to get freezing conditions as thermosyphon systems suffer if the pipes freeze.

Flat Plate vs Evacuated Tube
Flat plate and evacuated tube are types of solar collectors. Tube collectors have the advantage of having a vacuum which makes it harder to get condensation and mildew on the inside of the glass which is what the flat plate collectors suffer from. Freezing is also an issue for flat plate water filled collectors. Freezing is overcome with a glycol filled closed loop system or a controller that has a feature to eliminate the problem by starting the pump briefly to get the water moving slightly to stop it from freezing or a drain back system. Evacuated tubes usually generate slightly more energy than flat plate collectors but are more prone to damage from hailstones and other solid objects.

MaintenanceSolar water heating Wellington

We repair and replace solar collectors, solar pumps, controllers, diagnose faults, replace insulation and repair frost damage and leaks.  We repair flashings and improve energy efficiency. We cover different areas in Wellington including Island Bay, Johnsonville, Karori, Khandallah, Lower Hutt, Lyall Bay, Miramar, Porirua, Pukerua Bay, Seatoun, Tawa and Upper Hutt.