Lower Your Power and Gas Bill

Energy is getting to be a big expense. No one wants a big power or gas bill. Power and gas bills can cut into the life style you want. No one wants to live in a cold home or pay a lot for water heating and lighting. Its much nicer to spend that money on a holiday you have always wanted. Energy bills are a re-occurring  expense an high bills add up after a while.

  • Replace all incandescent and halogen light bulbs with fluorescent or compact fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs.
  • Replace old hot water cylinders with new insulated models or better still install a Heat pump water heater.
  • Install a smart hot water cylinder. These tanks do not turn on if you are not using hot water during that period. They learn your hot water patterns.
  • If using gas for cooking only, convert to LPG if possible and remove the gas meter.
  • Double glaze windows. Expensive in the beginning but worth it.
  • Replace anodized window frames with powder coated or pvc window frames.
  • Insulate ceilings and walls.
  • Insulate floors
  • Replace convection type heating eg oil heaters, panel heaters with radiant  heating or heat pumps is best.
  • heat transfer systems can make other rooms warmer for little cost where there is an excess of heat.
  • Use thermostats where electric heaters are used.
  • Gas instantaneous appliances are good for reducing gas bills as there is no heat loss. Just make sure you don’t use more hot water with these appliances.
  • Fix leaking taps quickly that’s energy going down the drain.
  • Install draft stops. Small gaps add up to a large hole in the building.
  • Wellington does not have a warm climate we use more energy than a lot of warmer countries both to heat rooms and hot water. Even a $50 saving each month adds up to $6000 over ten years.

Lower Your Power and Gas Bill

Get your power or gas bill checked

We can check your gas or power bill against the meter and check if there is any loss of hot water causing the bill to be high. We can also check for gas leaks.

Energy Leaks

Convection heaters such as Oil heaters and panel heaters are slow to heat spaces and in most cases homes are not insulated sufficiently to retain the heat therefore most of the heat is lost before it is even used.  It is better to use radiant heat or warm the air of the room quickly when it is needed. Radiant heat is felt almost immediately. It also has a nice romantic glow. Slow panel heaters are often the causes of high power bills.

Is Wood Cheaper?

The reality is if you can find the wood free it is cheaper. But you will probably have to cut it, stack it and cart it in and dry it.
The reality is if you have a gas fire next to a wood burner you will light the gas fire as it is quicker and less work and you feel the heat straight away. The wood burner becomes a white elephant.

Then there is the work of cleaning up a wood burner afterwards. The initial cost of installation is often higher for wood burners.

The romantic angle of wood burners is gone now too, as there are gas flame effect fires that look and feel just like a wood burner. And some are efficient too.

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