Drain Leaks & Blockages Wellington

Drain Leaks

Drain Leaks

Drain leaks are like water supply leaks, in drain leaks the water discharges in locations that are often not near the source. In other words the break is often away from where you see the water running.

Often these leaks can travel 100’s of meters from the leaking drain. There is a method for locating them which involves cutting and testing. Putting dye down the drains can help sometimes.

A drain camera will locate tree roots and large breaks but not small cracks. In most cases large sections of drain need a replacement. Drain cameras do not fix drains but they are useful in locating the position of the drain and seeing its condition.

Sewerage can discharge from storm water drains when they are both broken. Leaking drains are often blocked too.

Drain Unblocking

There are different methods of unblocking drains depending on what is blocking it. For example, sand in storm; water drains are not removed using a drain clearing machine. In this case we use an industrial water blaster. The same applies to stiff root infested drains, machine will take a long time to cut through. In cases like these, industrial water blasters are more successful than machine clearing. Clearing machines are handy for some locations and drains. Wellington is one of the most difficult places in the world to unblock drains due to its hilly topography. Long back sections farther from the road and drains are often over 100 years old. Due to undulating sections, the drains are often deep underground, hard to locate and work on due to retaining walls built over top of them.

In New Zealand, it is not required to bring drain access points to the surface. It means we often have to access drains through bend gully traps making it more difficult.

Drain Leaks & Blockages WellingtonTree Roots

Often in New Zealand, we grow large trees on our properties. This results in tree roots travel along way to find water. For these roots, leaking drains are a good source of moisture. Once the root finds these drains, they wrap themselves around them and even crack to enter into the drain. They grow and run down inside these drains. This results in the drain blocks. Cutting these roots from inside is only a temporary solution, as they will keep growing over again. The best and permanent solution is to cut out the bad section of drain and replace it. PVC is used in drainage today and does not crack unless it is heavily stressed.

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