Dishwasher Installations Wellington

We do dishwasher installations Wellington Wide

We have been offering a wide range of services in Wellington. Our team is Dishwasher Installations Wellingtonreliable and professional in delivering all kinds of jobs. You can call us for electrical services, plumbing, roofing services, gas fitting, unblocking drainage, fixing pipe leaks, guttering, flashing, upgrading hot water cylinders, changing gas hot water systems and other services.

We also do dishwasher installations in Wellington. Dishwasher installation may sound like an easy job but it requires precision, understanding of the hidden cables and more. The most common position for a dishwasher is next to the sink where there is access to the sink water supply and waste piping. This is the cheapest installation method too to save on running pipes.

If there were no old dishwashers installed then we need to cut out a space for one, install the connections for plumbing and electrical.

Dishwasher positions

If there is no space for a dishwasher, this can be a challenge as it may not match up with the cupboard doors. One of the doors can be cut shorter. When space is needed the floor covering is also used. We install dishwashers of all brands including Bosch, Miele, Dish Drawers, AEG, Samsung, Smeg, and other brands.

Dishwasher Installation Cost

Our dishwasher installation cost varies depending on the type of fitting required.

Straight Swap

In this dishwasher installation, the water connections and waste connection are already there. The holes are drilled for the hoses and the space for the dishwasher is there. We will disconnect the original dishwasher and remove it from the area. We will unpack, connect and test the new dishwasher.

Fitting Dishwasher Connections

There is no dishwasher, thus new dishwasher will be installed. The hole is there and the piping is under the bench, but there are no connections or holes for the dishwasher hoses. The water connection needs fitting to plumbing under a bench mounted tap. We will change waste trap needs for dishwasher connection. The holes need drilling for the hoses. Space and hot points are already present. We will connect and test the dishwasher.

Installing Dishwasher Piping

Our experts can install piping for the dishwasher under the sink. Space near the cupboard next to the sink can be utilised in most dishwasher installations. We can also replace or fit new taps for the ease of water supply in the kitchen. We change the trap for one with a dishwasher connection. We can also drill holes for hoses. Install a hot point for the dishwasher in the cupboard adjacent.

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