Plumbers Wellington City

We offer quality service on time and at affordable rates. Our expert plumber can do bathroom renovations, spouting, leak repairs, piping replacements, kitchen installations, hot water cylinder installation, unclog drains and sewage and more. We install Rinnai Infinity, Bosch and Rheem Continuous flow water heaters. We  repair water supply pipes, taps and mixer upgrades. Polybutylene replacement of qest (quest black) is also a common piping repair.

Get our EcoPlumber to install rainwater harvesting, heat pump water heater, run your washing machine and toilet cisterns on rainwater. Call now on 0800 484 353.

Why we are unique? Our Guarantee!

We know how it feels when tradespeople don’t keep their promises so we keep ours. We deliver all kinds of services on time. Our unique guarantee “Your job on time or it’s free” applies to all jobs. You can call us on 0800 484 353 for residential and commercial Wellington plumbing services.

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Plumbers Wellington City

We know your heart sinks when your plumbing fails and as hard as you try nothing seems to go down the drain. But it is proven that a hot bath and cold glass of filtered pure water will help save the day.

Hot Water – We know the value of being on time to keep you in or out of hot water. We will ensure your hot water flows freely every time, and it is guaranteed to be free from getting stuck in any of your pipes.

Sink Taps – Whether it is a tap leak and dripping or has no hot water, we can fix all sink taps. Sink installations and repairs. We also supply and install kitchen cupboards and alter any plumbing to suite.

Kitchen Plumbing – We offer kitchen plumbing services including water filter installation, instant boiling water unit installation, waste disposal unit installation, tap and mixer installation and more. Kitchen fridge installations. We also offer repair and maintenance services.

Dishwashers – We install and repair dishwashers in Wellington city and the suburbs nearby.

Laundries – With our Wellington plumbers near you, we are just one call away from installing a washing machine, a tub or a water pipe. We can deliver an excellent pressure boost.

Laundry Tubs – We offer installation and repair of laundry tubs and laundry tub cabinets in Wellington. We also install a Super Tub with drawers.

Vanity & Basin Installations and Repairs – Floor mounted and wall mounted  basins and vanities. Drawer types or cupboard types.

Showers – Our certified plumbers Wellington city also offer bathroom upgrades. We can upgrade your shower with Le Vivi shower enclosures. Shower mixers and slide rail installations and repairs.

Bathroom Accessories – Being experts in bathroom renovation and upgrades, we can help you decide which towel rails, toilet roll holders, and more you can use in your bathroom. We can also recommend you the new range of black or gold basin and sink taps.

Toilets – We can also recommend a good and easy clean back to the wall toilet with a soft close seat, and clean lines to the floor.

Solar water heating – Installing solar panels and PV systems for solar water heaters.

Water supply tanks for all kinds of water storage needs. Store water for toilet flushing or to save you money by reducing your water needs if you are on a water meter.

Hot water cylinder replacement and installation for electric and gas tanks.
Continuous flow gas and electric water heaters.

Commercial and domestic plumbing.

Restaurant and Cafe fit-outs – Our expert Wellington plumbers are experienced in working with restaurants and cafe installations and maintenance.

Dryer venting – Dryer venting installation and repair services.

Common Water Issues

Water Heater

Until a water heater stops working, it is often one of the homes’ most forgotten appliances. For over 35 years, our water heater experts have been repairing and replacing water heaters, elements and thermostats. Whether the pilot has gone out in the middle of the night, the water heater is leaking or flooding, or it is time to upgrade to a high-efficiency water heater, Southern Plumbing has the right solution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

An annual service of both traditional tank water heaters and continuous flow water heaters can also help to extend the life of your water heater.

Water Leak Detection

If you notice moisture in cabinets, warm spots in floors, or experience higher than normal water bills, you could have a water leak. It would pay to check under the sink, where cabinets are full and leaks are easily concealed and in bedrooms that back onto showers.

Depending on where the leak is, it takes an experienced water leak detection specialist to find the water leak. Trust the plumbers with over 35 years of experience.

Water Supply Repair & Replacement

Water running down the driveway or through your garden? Do you have one spot that is always wet? You may have a leaking water main. Small leaks can waste an awful lot of water and can cause damage to your property.

Our experienced Wellington plumbers can help you trace the source of the leak or give you an honest cost-benefit analysis about the situation.

Service Calls

During these unprecedented times where there is potential for infection. We take precautions against potential infections during normal times too.
We take safety seriously. We are prepared. Whilst the rest of New Zealand was stockpiling toilet paper we were at our plumbing merchants stocking up on fittings, taps and cylinders and PPE gear.

We don’t want it to be a bummer when you need a plumber.
When deciding on a plumber in Wellington, it is important to choose a reliable plumber and preferably a plumber close by.
When it comes to plumbing, we like to be forthcoming. We start with an agreed-upon service call before arriving at your property, which is inclusive of GST and travel charges. One price, no surprises.
We include a portion of time in our service calls to provide you with an outcome. Materials are additional, and our Wellington plumbers will always discuss any costs beyond the service call with you before proceeding.

We understand the urgency in an emergency.
For the just-in-case, we always have some space where you need us to administer a cylinder, contain a leak from the rain. With just a swipe we can fix your pipe. So for the best mend, make sure we attend.

We keep a portion of our schedule free for emergencies every single day so that we can attend your emergencies as fast as possible. As we cover all of Wellington, we are sure to have plumbers close by.
We also schedule in such a way that we can take on larger emergency work such as hot water cylinders in 24 hours if not the same day.

Upon completion either by online banking or credit card. We would prefer it was not cash or cheque as there are increasingly fewer bank branches around. It also poses an additional contamination threat at the current time.
Payment is required at the end of the job that was agreed, either verbally or written price sent. An invoice will be sent as a matter of compliance and not a request for payment.

The Consumer Guarantees Act states that work must last a reasonable amount of time. The Building Act also applies which has a range of guarantees depending on where the piping is installed. If the piping is in a difficult place, i.e. in a foundation, it is 50 years. For maintenance items such as tap washers, there is a 1-year warranty. On visible piping, the guarantee is 5 years.

COVID-19 Response

  • As many businesses, we have a multifaceted approach. All admin staff are working from home.
  • We are open for essential work only. We have a limited team working who we treat as the same bubble. We have antibacterial sprays, gloves and PPE equipment in all the vans. The team is maintaining safe work practices and keeping the recommended distance of 2-4m.
  • We are asking customers about isolation and if they are in quarantine.
  • The guidelines for safe working practices at level 3 are no different to level 4. Although we are allowed to do more at level 3, the aim is still stop COVID-19 spreading.
  • So we should all be well versed in this practice. Maintaining distance from each other, frequent hand washing and sanitation of work areas are key to ensuring we keep both you, our customer and the plumbing team safe.

No, you do not need to leave the building although that is preferred. You can be in another room or sit outside and have a cup of tea. The less contact there is between you and the plumber the less risk for everyone.

Not usually. You can be in another room or sit outside and have a cup of tea. The less contact there is between you and the plumber the less risk for everyone.

No one in our business has tested positive or had to go into self isolation because of a suspected interaction with someone who is positive.

  • We will try to sanitise everything we touch, any fixtures we install and any appliances we service. In addition to washing our hands frequently.
  • All the plumbing vans have antibacterial sprays, gloves and PPE equipment.


Have you ever thought about what insurance your plumber has?
We have the following insurances:

  • Public Liability.
  • Boat insurance beyond 10m and under 10m.
  • All risks and indemnity.

Do you know what your insurance policy states about pipe leak and repairing the damage from a pipe leak?
Some policies do not cover dux piping or they will cover the first burst pipe. Some won’t pay out until the rest of it is removed. It would pay to know if you have any old piping in your property and to know what your insurance policy says about old piping.


As long as you remember this number, 0800 HUGE LEAK.

Do you have water pouring out? Turn the water off to give yourself a minute to think.

Do you know where to turn the water off? Do you know where to turn your hot water off?

If not, we can come over and show you or ask us next time we are there. We can install additional shut off valves in easy to find locations for you.

Suddenly have to replace a tap or vanity? Get the plumber to cap the fixture until you get a few quotes to compare.

Shop on Plumbing World’s website and see what they have. You can also go into their stores (post lockdown) and look at the products they have on display.

Yes, we do. We offer bathroom renovation and upgrades, we also offer kitchen renovation and upgrades.