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Motel Bathroom Upgrades to Save You Money

Is your bathroom costing you money?


The modern hotel bathroom is no longer just a bathroom. It is an extension of the living space. With the rise of the stay-cation and an ever-busier world, it is a haven of well-being and relaxation. It can make or break a guest’s stay.


You may think that upgrading bathrooms is too expensive, but on the contrary, it is a proven way to improve your business. A study conducted by Cornell University in 2017 shows that guests reviewed bathrooms negatively. A good bathroom renovation is a long term investment that will benefit your business in many ways. This includes adding value to your motel, increasing life-long customers and minimising the risk of “lost future earnings”.


Here are a few ways we can help you to make your bathroom cost-effective and stylish.

Make it easy to clean

Simple yet efficient bathrooms are easier to clean. Faster cleaning means lower cleaning costs. Potentially we could take 5 minutes off the cleaning time of each bathroom. At a Motel with 40 bathrooms that means over 23 hours a week, you have saved in cleaning labour. Over the span of a year, you spend approximately $21,228 on cleaning bathrooms.

Let us help you move from an old-fashioned bathroom to modern bathroom design.


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Keep it simple – Basic is more

Equip your guest’s bathroom with the necessary amenities only. Not only are fewer appliances less costly to install, there are fewer things to maintain. It will help in keeping the bathroom clean and low maintenance.


Current bathroom trends in the accommodation market are mainly based around minimalism, clean lines and open space.

Water Flow Rate

When you calculate the amount of hot water used by each guest, it comes out to be a huge quantity. This does not mean that the heated water is used completely.


To save money and energy, we recommend checking the hot water cylinder, and tapware for efficiencies, i.e., piping and cylinder insulation, leaking joints, hot water temperature, etc.

Value for the Money

Functional yet stylish bathrooms are a treat for all customers.

It will increase the value of the room and your motel business. Make it feel like an up-sell. The quality feel of the bathroom will enhance your client’s stay. You can integrate new technology to make bathrooms fancier and allow guests to enjoy something they may not experience at home. In return, this could increase repeat business. Customers might return again and again to your motel due to high-quality services.

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Go Eco-Friendly

Use reusable bathroom toiletries dispenser for shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Using reusable dispensers, you create less rubbish, need less restocking and less storing. This also helps in using lesser packaged goods, which means you can keep the packaging consumption to a minimum as well.


Bathrooms are important to travellers in similar way bedrooms are, the demand for the ratio of a bedroom to a bathroom is changing. Many hotels are taking creative steps towards making their small bathrooms more spacious. (USA Today)


We have previous experience in motel bathrooms and understand that precision and efficiencies are important. The longer we are there, the longer a paying customer is not.