Mariner Regal Oven Stove Repair Wellington

The Mariner Regal Oven & Stove was an appliance by Mariner Ovens Limited in New Zealand. Mariner Regal Oven Stove was installed and used in a lot of yachts and boats

Mariner Regal usually has a stove and oven. The oven has a front slide away door and the burner stove usually consists of 3 burners. The design of Mariner Regal Oven & Stove made it easier for yachts and boats to have a compact kitchen where you can cook anything.

Mariner Regal Oven Repair Wellington Hutt Valley - Southern Plumbing NZ

Manufacture of Mariner ovens and stoves stopped years ago, and the company stopped repairing the existing products as well. Spare parts for repairing these ovens and stoves cannot be found easily in the market. If the parts for the Mariner oven or stove are not available in the market, we can find better alternatives, and repair the product.

We repair all kinds of marine ovens and stoves. We can repair 2 burner stove, 3 burner stove, and electronic oven with slide away door.

Our certified gasfitters in Wellington are experienced in working on boats and yachts ovens and stoves. We specialise in finding and sourcing unavailable or difficult to find parts for ovens and stoves in Wellington.

Our strength lies in delivering the best services to our customers. We also offer plumbing services to marine businesses.

Our Mariner Regal stove and oven repair services are available in all suburbs in Wellington. You can call us for a free quote on 0800 484 353.