Low Shower Pressure Wellington

Low Shower Pressure Wellington Low Shower Pressure Wellington

Low shower pressure is a common problem for households. In New Zealand, a large number of old homes have old fashioned hot water systems. Poor shower pressure is caused by many issues, often more than one. If you have a low-pressure hot water system, you need 20mm copper pipework to the shower mixer for best results. If the installer has used smaller plastic piping the shower will suffer if the supply pressure is low.

What is low shower pressure or a low pressure hot water heater?

Low pressure refers to the type of hot water system that you have. Low pressure hot water heaters are made from copper most often, and some are available in steel. The maximum pressure rating is usually 7.6m of head or 76kPa. Some hot water heaters have less than this head of water resulting in very low shower pressure. We have solutions to this problem.

What is High Pressure or Mains Pressure?

High Pressure or Mains Pressure refers to the rating of the tank. High-pressure tanks are capable of around 1000 kPa; not many are set at this pressure because an installation requirement is to put a pressure limiting valve on the line restricting the pressure to 500 kPa. This is still higher than low pressure at 76 kPa. Mains Pressure is a term used years ago before limiting valves were installed in tanks.

Poor shower flow is sometimes because of a water tank mounted on the hot water cylinder or in the roof, a pressure reducing valve might be installed on the hot water cylinder with a short vent pipe.

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We Make Changes to the shower system to improve the shower experience.

  • Change the shower rose and or hose.
  • Remove any blockages and restrictions.
  • Fit larger bore piping to the shower mixer.
  • Put high pressure on the cold side and fit a good mixer we know works.
  • Upgrade the hot water system to High pressure.

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Can I use a High or Mains Pressure Shower Mixer on a Low Pressure Hot Water System?

No, the high-pressure shower mixer has small ports for reducing the flow of water. A low-pressure shower mixer has large ports for getting as much water as possible to the shower. We change out any mixers that are wrong or too restrictive for models that have assistance from the cold side and change that to high pressure.

Call us now to determine if there are any faults with the current hot water system. We will check for faulty supply tank, faulty mixer or rose, blocked pipes, etc. We will find all kinds of obstructions in pipes and mixers, insects, rubber washers, and whatever comes through the water supply.

Upgrade your shower experience with a better shower head. There are different high-pressure shower heads that ensure a revitalizing cascade of water that soothe tired muscles, creating a spa-like ambiance in the comfort of your own bathroom. If you’re eco-conscious, then you can install water-saving shower heads which offer a sustainable solution without compromising on the luxurious feel. For added convenience, you can also install handheld shower head which will provide flexibility, allowing you to direct the flow exactly where you need it. Elevate your daily routine with diverse of shower heads for your preferences while promoting water conservation.

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