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The Boat Shed

We are renovating a boat shed at the moment with an Eco theme. It is also an example of what happens when no maintenance is done for years, or repairs are not done well.

When fresh water such as rain water is left to leak into a wooden building for long enough, with untreated timbers, lots of rot occurs to the point that wall cladding’s are no longer attached to the structure, as the timber is rotten. The nails rust through when they are not galvanised or stainless steel.

The water can penetrate right through to the floor, rotting bottom plates in walls, flooring and right through to the structural timbers holding the building up. Joists and bearers rot through. Its enjoyable work putting it right. Some would demolish and start again but that would not retain the character. Wood preservative can be used to treat timbers and the rotten bits replaced.

We aim to use low voltage DC LED lighting, gas for water heating, cooking, and heating, we are going disconnect it from the grid. The building is for marine use and we are looking at experimenting with generating power using wave action, stored power and solar power generation.

If you have a bach or an out building far from a power source or boat shed and want to disconnect from the grid contact us on 0800 484 353 for more info.

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Continuous flow gas water heater

Rinnai Smart Tank

Rinnai has released a new smart tank which determines the pattern of your use for hot water and heats the tank just before you need it saving on a lot of heat loss.

Rinnai Infinity Gas Water Heater Install offer Wellington Only.

A Rinnai Infinity Gas Water heater 20 installed replacing an existing electric storage water heater with up to 10m of piping, hot, cold and gas. Electrical work and tank removal is included if it can be removed from the cupboard. Price $4,999.00 offer expires September 30th 2020,  ref latest offers.

See Our Eco Tank Special Ecotanks showing the two colours green and beige

This is a 200 liters emergency water tank for drinking or the garden. Installation special price.  Click here for more info.