Kitchen Renovation Checklist Wellington

Successful kitchen renovat Kitchen Renovation Checklist Wellington ion requires careful planning, as there is a lot that may go wrong. For example, dishwasher doors or oven door clashing with cupboards. Get a kitchen renovation checklist here.

Kitchen Renovations Checklist

The most common mistake even with professionals is the width of the room. Its often incorrectly measured resulting in the cupboards or benches not fitting. The next most common error is the cooker is too big for the oven cable currently installed. Consider switching to drawers for easy access to heavy items in the back of cupboards. Stainless steel is less used these days. For long term, stainless steel is still used in commercial kitchens and kitchen renovation

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  • Draw a plan of the existing layout and the new layout. Ensure that the dishwasher door can open.
  • Determine type of cooking appliances you may need. Consult a gas fitter and electrician first.
  • See layout advice from an expert.
  • Remove the existing cupboards and dispose.
  • Keep the dishwasher next to the sink if possible.
  • Alter wiring to new locations and extra electrical outlets.
  • Fit an internet outlet if wanting a computer there. or use WiFi.
  • Alter piping in wall for new set up. Remove and replace any old polybutylene piping with PEX or copper.
  • Replace wall linings and plaster walls. Paint if required.
  • Specify soft closing and or self closing doors and drawers.
  • Specify taps, fridge location and water supply.
  • Ensure cupboards are made from water resistant timber.
  • Handles and knobs.

Kitchen Appliances

  • Dishwasher.
  • Waste disposer and water filter and tap installation. Ensure the filter is 1 micron and removes chlorine.
  • Water supply for the fridge if required.
  • Gas hob or electric hob, ceramic top or inversion tops. Check pots are suitable.
  • Splash backs for your hobs for ease of cleaning cooking splash and also protection of walls from heat.
  • Electric oven – watch the power draw for the new oven against the existing wiring sizes.
  • Fridge and its water supply and filter.
  • Flooring.
  • Wall colours.
  • Ceiling painted.
  • Consider Eco lights that are LED around 10 watts.
  • Electrical hot point positions. Do not put an electric outlet near the sink bowl.
  • Taps.
  • One sink bowl or two.
  • Tiles floor.
  • Tiles wall.
  • Cabinets selected.
  • Range hood – recirculating or vented.
  • Wall or roof. Watch the position of this to get out the vent.

If you are in the Wellington and need professional kitchen renovation service, then call us. We have successfully delivered many kitchen renovation projects. You should tend to keep kitchens smaller for efficiency in a domestic situation. Galley kitchens are quite efficient. We also undertake commercial and industrial kitchens.

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