Importance of Gas Appliance Servicing

Importance of Gas Appliance Servicing

Like gas appliances take care of us, we should take care of our gas appliances as well. We use gas appliances every day. For peace of mind and safety reasons, it is important to get your gas appliances serviced. Just like you service a car, your appliances need to be serviced. Regular servicing of gas appliances is helpful in maintaining the health of your gas appliance ensuring they operate safely and efficiently.

Servicing a gas appliance is not a “do-it-yourself” project. It requires a certified gas fitter to check and service the appliance. A certified gas fitter services the gas appliance by following a safety checklist laid out by the New Zealand gas Code.


Reasons for Gas Appliance Servicing

1. As A Safety Measure

Gas appliances have many parts, and just like a car  is subject to wear and tear. Connections can wear, hoses become weak and wiring deteriorates. To stay safe, it is recommended to get your gas appliance connections checked regularly. We recommend servicing every two years.

2. Peace of Mind

When your gas appliances are in perfect condition, you are not worried about gas leaks, wrong wiring, etc. It is important to have peace of mind when using gas appliances. Even when they are not in use, it is nice to be at peace with these appliances being in your home. Checking them regularly will help you stay ahead of all the hazards and be risk-free.

Importance of Gas Appliance Servicing Wellington

3. Lower Power Bills

Keeping your gas appliances in check can help you save a lot of money. When your gas appliances are checked regularly, they are likely to be working more efficiently. This may help to get lower power bills.

4. Long Life of Gas Appliances

Regular gas appliance servicing will help in increasing the lifespan of your appliances. Serviced gas appliances work better and have a better life. Like any machine, gas appliances have general wear and tear from use. They can suffer from damage or faults from moving or cleaning. Keeping these appliances regularly serviced helps to detect the issues earlier.

After checking your gas appliances, the certified gasfitter will provide you with a gas safety certificate. Only use a certified and authorised gasfitter for servicing your gas appliances. Asking someone who is not authorised is illegal. Using an unauthorised person may impact your home insurance as well – it may affect your cover should something go wrong.

Certified gas fitters at Southern offer gas appliance services on a 24-hour basis. Our gasfitting team checks and services all kinds of gas appliances. We can work with various gas appliance brands such as Rheem, Rinnai, Bosch, Vulcan, Braemar, Brivis, Pyrox, etc. You can contact us on 0800 484 353 for gas appliance services Wellington.