LPG Cabinet Heater Faults

LPG Cabinet Heater Faults

Unflued LPG cabinet heaters are commonly known as cabinet heaters. These cabinet heaters are portable and use a 9 kgs LPG bottle.

The most common faults in LPG cabinet heaters are that they will not light or stay alight. We charge $60 to fix LPG cabinet heaters, if the heater and bottle are delivered to our workshop.

There are few faults that are worth fixing with these appliances as the fires themselves retail for as low as $100 when on sale.

LPG cabinet heaters discharge harmful gases such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc., in the room. There is also risk of fire taking place when using these heaters. To lower the rate of risk we recommend you to ensure the door or window is open. Do not operate in bedrooms under any circumstances.

These heaters are expensive to operate compared to natural gas. If you are a big gas user either move to natural gas or larger LPG bottles. In some cases it is cheaper to run electric as LPG is an expensive energy source particularly in 9 KGs bottles.

Rinnai portable gas heaters are budget-friendly as well as easy to run. Some of the features of Rinnai portable gas heaters include remote control, manual control, preheat, child lock, dual timer, and more. Check out Rinnai’s portable gas heaters. Cheap to install and run.