How Safe is Gas?

Gas Appliance Servicing Check List

How Safe is Gas?

Gas is very safe compared to electricity with a lot less injuries.
Having been in the industry for over 46 years servicing and installing gas appliances. It is not as dangerous as most people think. It is very hard to generate the right conditions for an explosion. Just ask some one how hard it is to light the pilot on their water heater and that is designed to be easy.
The gas mixture has to be just the right proportions to air, the ignition source hot enough and in the right place before ignition will occur.
The smell makes gas easily identifiable too. If you do smell gas, open the windows and doors to ventilate the space, do not operate any electrical device either on or off, and call us, from a phone not near the gas leak.

We will test for leaks and locate the source of the leak. Turn off the gas if you can at the gas meter.

Ive heard of explosions how does that happen?

Although it is very rare if it does happen it is usually caused by a lack of maintenance or a known design fault in the gas appliance.

Occasionally a string of situations occurs to cause the gas to not ignite when it should and when it does there is a bang. Most of the time its harmless occasionally it causes damage. I have personally only known of one death about 30 years ago under very unusual circumstances.

Get your appliances checked each year specially Gas fires, flame effect gas fires and storage water heaters inside the building.

All Energy Sources have Risks

When the systems are maintained they are usually safe. The electrical industry has far more accidents than the gas industry. Gas fitters are required to issue gas safety certificates for work done or maintenance. Ensure the person you hire has a licence to operate and can issue a certificate. If they say a certificate is not required they are probably not qualified.

Ensure your gas appliances are serviced every two years and that ventilation grills are clear of fluff and you are not storing flammables near the appliance. For example do not store pool chemicals or cleaning products next to gas appliances. Get rusting flues replaced and if you see yellow tipping on a gas fire that is not a flame effect fire its time for a service.

If your appliance makes a smell also get it serviced to ensure it is safe.

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