How do I shut the gas meter off

How do you shut off your gas meter?

Go to the gas meter usually situated at the front of the house, or the front boundary, and locate the gas cock, or valve on the inlet side of the meter and turn that valve 90 degrees. The handle should be in line with the pipe when you find it. Turn it so that the handle is at right angles to the pipe.

Do not turn the gas on unless a gas fitter has done a pressure test first and a safety check of the gas appliances.


Safety is the most important issue with gas. Do not simply turn the gas on afterwards as someone may have turned an appliance on such as a cooker or heater. Turning the gas on will discharge unburnt gas. Someone may try to light the appliance after the gas has been on for a while discharging into an oven. Trying to light this may result in an explosion. Let a gasfitter test to see its safe and let them turn the gas on.


To permanently disconnect the gas a plug or cap is needed on the pipe at the gas meter. That way no person can accidentally turn it on.

Disconnecting Gas

If you are wanting to disconnect from gas altogether and no longer need it contact your gas supplier to close your account and if the gas is no longer required at the property they may remove the meter.