Radiator Heating Wellington

Radiator Heating Wellington

Central Heating Radiators Wellington

We have been undertaking Wellington Radiator central heating  installation and servicing and repair of Central heating radiators Wellington wide for over 40 years. Radiator heating systems are well known world wide and although not common here as Wellingtonian’s  are supposed to be tough and just put another Jersey on. In colder climates Radiator central heating is the norm. UK folk and European’s  expect homes and buildings to be heated as they are at home.  The reason why they use these systems are they are efficient and can heat every room.   The boilers are compact and ideal for smaller apartments and domestic residences but can scale up to very large buildings where there are hundreds of radiators.

Why Central Heating Radiators

  • It is safe to use due to no naked flames.
  • They don’t fall over catching things alight.
  • There is no stacking fire wood or cutting it.
  • No drop in efficiency due to cold weather.
  • Safe for children and elderly.
  • Each room can be controlled. So no dampers to maintain or zone controls.
  • No large ducting closing off under floor area’s or to be damaged by cats or rodents.
  • No duct maintenance.
  • No loss of efficiency on cold winter days.
  • Large heat output.
Radiator Heating Wellington this is a radiator and boiler

Installation of Radiator Systems

Installation of radiators requires fitting a suitably sized radiator usually under or near a window on an outside wall or wall adjacent to an outside wall. Running pipe work to the boiler. The boiler can be inside or outside with a small flue. The boiler needs electricity for a small pump and controls and usually natural gas. A thermostat controller is installed on the inside  wall usually in the hall 1.5m off the ground.

Common Installations for Wellington Radiators

We have a standard installation which consists of 5 radiators, one in the hallway, one in each of three bedrooms one in the lounge with the boiler in the laundry and a controller in the hall.  Each radiator has a control valve to turn the radiator on or off or a slow heat. The controller can turn the  boiler on or off at times to suite. Eg turn it on before getting up in the morning. and turn it off at night. Additional radiators can easily be added.

A standard install starts at $9,995.00 Including GST

A Short History For Radiator Heating Wellington

Radiators have been around world wide for hundreds of years. The Romans were using hot water to heat buildings thousands of years ago. Older radiators were cast iron and are still used today. More modern units are pressed steel. Original systems were gravity fed and that system is still common in large commercial buildings. The more modern type is called small bore heating and involves a pumped piping system. Often piping is installed under the floor. Sometimes these systems are called English or European heating systems.

Radiator Types

Radiators come in all shapes and sizes and are rated to room size and type of room or space available. For example there are tall slim radiators for bathrooms that look like a ladder. There are long slim models for under window. Radiators can also have thermostats fitted for individual room control.

Boiler Types

There are boilers of all types for just heating or heating and domestic hot water. Over seas the most common system is both domestic hot water and central heating in the one unit. There are lots here too. Boilers are installed inside or outside. There are standard unit and high efficiency units that are condensing which means all the heat has been extracted from the flue gases until they have condensed to water. Which means very little heat is lost up the flue.