Gas Central Heating Wellington

Warm air heating has been around a long time. The Romans used to heat their floors by lighting a fire at one end of the building and putting a flue at the other end, and allowing the hot air to run under the floor heating the floor. Central heating systems have changed now. We install ducting under the floor, with different materials, and there is a thermostat now.

We offer gas central heating Wellington wide. We maintain most brands and recommend brands that have good service histories and which have low running costs. At Southern, we offer efficient and cost-effective gas central heating services, including installation and repairs in Lower Hutt, Petone and Wellington. Gas central heating systems play a major role in your home, providing warmth and comfort when it’s cold outside. But they can also be an expensive investment, so you need to make sure they are installed properly by an experienced team.

Warm Air Ducted Central Heating

Warm air ducted central heating is a highly efficient and popular method of heating homes and buildings. This system utilizes a network of ducts that distribute heated air throughout the space, ensuring consistent warmth and comfort. A central heating unit, such as a furnace or heat pump, heats the air and then pushes it through the ductwork to various rooms or zones. The ducts are strategically placed in walls, floors, or ceilings to deliver warm air where it is needed most. This method offers several advantages, including rapid heating, even distribution of heat, and the ability to control individual zones’ temperature. Additionally, warm air ducted central heating can be integrated with air conditioning systems for year-round climate control. It is a reliable and energy-efficient solution that provides cozy and consistent heating throughout the entire property.

Hot water Boiler Radiator Central Heating

Hot water boiler radiator central heating systems are a highly effective and popular method for providing warmth and comfort to homes and buildings. These systems consist of a central boiler that heats water and circulates it through a network of pipes to radiators located in various rooms. The radiators, typically made of cast iron or steel, release heat into the surrounding space, warming it up efficiently. The hot water is then returned to the boiler to be reheated and circulated again, creating a continuous cycle of warmth throughout the building. This type of central heating offers several advantages, including consistent and controllable heat distribution, energy efficiency, and the ability to zone different areas for customized comfort. Additionally, boiler-based systems can often be integrated with other heating sources, such as solar panels or heat pumps, further enhancing their sustainability and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Overall, hot water boiler radiator central heating is a reliable and effective solution for achieving optimal indoor comfort in residential and commercial settings.


What are the Types of Central Heating?

Central heating is usually of two types either hot water or warm air. This means sending hot air to grills or hot water to radiators from a central boiler or furnace. Some hot water systems also generate domestic hot water as well. This is not common in New Zealand. Most homes are retrofitted so they already have a domestic water heater such as Rinnai Infinity or an electric storage tank. The combi systems are much more expensive so it is not so economical to ditch the existing hot water heating system.

How Does Central Heating Work?

The occupant selects the desired temperature and the times the central heating will turn on usually in the mornings before getting up. The central heating can be turned off if required or let it go on if the temperature drops below that desired temperature. Central heating is a good choice for unpredictable weather conditions like in Wellington. Ducted gas heating is well known for most buildings.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Central Heating Wellington

Advantages and Disadvantages of Central Heating

Central heating usually heats the entire building. For warm air, there are systems to close off areas such as Zone 1, Zone 2 and so on. These zones often refer to rooms of the house. With water radiators you can close off each room and put rooms on thermostats. Spot heating is a single gas fire or electric heating that heats that area or room.

Buildings that have low insulation like no double glazing, there is high heat loss in central heating. Spot heating may be better where the heater is a radiant type.

Most old homes are not insulated because the insulation was not required as a Building code requirement in past years. Central heating is a good option if you want to control the heating level or temperature in your entire home. It is also good if you spend most of your time at home. You can set a time and temperature using a thermostat for central heating. Even though central heating is a good heating system, it can cost a lot more than you think. For free central heating recommendations, call Southern Plumbing on 0800 484 353.

Maintaining Central Heating Efficiency

It is important to have your central heating unit maintained yearly. Ducting can come apart and filters can be clogged. This can cause high energy bills. There can be different problems that you might face with your heating system. Cats love central heating ducting and often lay on it squashing the ducts till no air passes. Cats and rodents like scratching the ducting tearing the outer insulation, this often completely destroys the ducting. Check the ducting every season before winter. We also recommend checking flue and unit for rust and any other wear and tear. During our checks, we sometimes find outlets not working, disconnected ducting, frugal installers and more.

Recommended Efficiency Unit

Gas central heating units come in low, medium and high-efficiency units. It is important to use high-efficiency units where they are used a lot otherwise the gas bills will be high. It pays to buy the 6 Star units.

We service different central heating brands like Vulcan, Braemar, Rinnai, Brivis, and more.

Central Heating Installation

  • Furnaces can be external and internal.
  • Some models need flues that pass up to roof level whereas more efficient models have a plastic flue that passes through the wall at a low level if mounted under the house.
  • Natural Gas or LPG.
  • Ducting is run from the furnace to a return air grill in the hall via a cupboard.
  • The ducts are usually positioned under a window.
  • Outlets can be positioned in the bathroom where there is not likely to be water splashing on them.
  • Furnaces need an electric connection for the fan and often for ignition and control.
  • The thermostat is usually mounted on the hall.

Warm Air Central Heating Pricing Wellington

Star Rating of Furnaces

What about the Furnace Star Rating System?

This is an international system of rating furnace efficiency in their use of energy. Furnaces start at 3 star and the top models are 7 Star. We usually install 6 Star furnaces. The 6 Star furnaces are more expensive but the running costs are much lower. We do not recommend 3 star furnaces any longer. Too costly to run.

Furnaces are available in three different efficiency levels, such as low, medium and high. If you want a cheap furnace choose low efficiency system but it has higher running costs and installation.

Furnaces have two location types, Internal and External. Furnaces come in different capacities. For domestic buildings, 60Mj input through to 200 Mj input for larger homes. The most common furnaces are 90Mj and 120Mj.

Furnace locations should be in areas where they can be serviced easily. At least every two years they should be serviced.

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Warm Air Central Heating Pricing Wellington

Furnaces are available in three different efficiency levels, such as low, medium and high. If you want a cheap furnace choose low efficiency system but it has higher running costs and installation.

Furnaces have two location types, Internal and External. Furnaces come in different capacities. For domestic buildings, 60Mj input through to 200 Mj input for larger homes. The most common furnaces are 90Mj and 120Mj.

Warm Air Furnaces

Furnace Pricing Table 

Prices of Furnaces: Domestic sizes (larger furnaces can be obtained for larger buildings, contact us to know more).

Input Sizes

 Efficiency 90 Mj 120 Mj
Low Efficiency Furnace  around 60%  $2,600 $3,500
 Medium Efficiency Furnace around 80-85%  $3,000  $4,500
 High Efficiency above 90%  $5,000  $8,000

(ducting and installation is added to this)

There are external and internal models add 5% for external models.

Warm Air Gas Central Heating Installation

Gas pipe connection – often from the meter if no pipe is close by.

Electrical connection – usually an electrical hot point.

Warm Air Ducting Installation

In ceiling prices

  • 6 Outlet system
  • 9 Outlet system
  • 11 Outlet system

Under floor prices dependent on if access available with out digging, 450mm space under joists.

Warm Air Central Heating Extras

  • Thermostat – this is a standard temperature only controller. No on/off timer.
  • Wired Thermostat/ Controller
  • Wireless Thermostat/ Controller
  • Zone Dampers – Small Medium and large diameter. (for turning on and off warm air to different areas of the building.)

Wall Radiators Central Heating

This type of central heating requires the radiators to fit on the walls and piping run back to a boiler. The radiators are usually fitted on an outside wall under a window. Each radiator can have a thermostat and a shut-off valve. Wall radiators are designed keeping in mind the flexible heating options for homes. It is a typical preference for most people in New Zealand due to the changeable weather conditions. Radiators are good at reducing health hazards in the house. They are safe, silent and responsive. You don’t have to worry about children or pets around radiators.

Alternatives to Central Heating

Rinnai‘s new powerful Rinnai 1005 Energy Saver has an 8kw output for large rooms or you could put a heat transfer system to send heat to other rooms. Up to two other rooms in the case of a Rinnai 1004.

Gas Central Heating Wellington - Gas Ducted Central Heating System NZ


Can I have a break down of the costs of gas central heating please.

Southern plumbing:

Furnace $ 5,478

controller $805

Labour $2,750

Flue connections, install kit, gas connection pipe, gas certificate, duct connection, clips, Sealants. $950

Flue $1,297 and cable to controller

GST $1,772

Total $13,592

That’s very helpful. We are looking into electric radiators as an alternative option that would give us more flexibility re heating different parts of the house.

I will let you know asap.

Southern Plumbing:
Ok the difference is 6 Star gas warm air furnace operates at about 13 cents per kw. Hot water radiators (gas) are similar. Electric Radiators are what your power supplier charges for electricity 23 cents is most common. In big rooms its gets hard as you often need about 3-4 kilowatts in a lounge or hall and electricity struggles to do that usually only 2kw unless you buy something special. If you had them all on at once it would be a 37Amp draw on a power cable with the oven also at 30 Amps its more than the house can handle as the max is 60Amps.


This is why heat pumps are so popular at about 5-9 amps but only heating one room. or 12 Amps (larger model) for two rooms. There is Heat Pump central heating but that is even more expensive and has larger ducts but with a lower running cost than gas. at about 8 -12 cents a kw. depending on the in coming air temp.

Gas will not be running out in our lifetimes as it will be Hydrogen and or Biogas.


The reason gas is used is due to cheaper running costs than electric. Heat pump can be cheaper to run if using say to heat pumps just doing one area but to control bedroom you need Heat pump central heating then the install price jumps up.

Southern offers gas central heating services across Wellington. Our certified gas fitters are available for emergency call-outs to provide gas central heating services and maintenance. You can call us for central heating installation, repairs and other services. We can replace current central heating systems, install a new central heating system or upgrade old to the new heating system. If you’re looking for central heating solutions in Lower Hutt, Petone or Wellington, choose our gas central heating services. We have the experience and expertise to install the right gas or electric system that best suits your family’s needs and budget. We also offer all types of repairs, including system upgrades and replacements. Call us for reliable and energy-efficient central heating solutions in Wellington on 0800 484 353.